100+ Best Online Business Ideas You Can Start Now


Currently there are many ways to get money, one of them with an online business. Online business is a business that is run via the internet. In this case, business activities such as buying and selling, marketing, and serving customers are carried out online. This online business allows you to sell various products ranging from goods, services, to digital products.

There are many advantages to getting from this online business, such as reducing operational costs because you don’t have to pay for a place to sell. The time you run is also more flexible, this is because online-based allows you to freely open or close a shop at any time. In addition, the market reach is also wider, even to foreign countries.

108 Best Online Business Ideas

Currently, business is no longer limited to conventional buying and selling activities. You can sell various types of products from online business ideas. Here are the best online business ideas that you can try.

1. Dropshippers

If you want to start a business but are constrained by capital, then becoming a dropshipper can be the right choice. A dropshipper is a person who sells products to customers without having to stock up on goods first. The capital of a dropshipper is a catalog photo provided by a supplier with a system of getting customers first before buying goods.

You can upload product photos on social media or marketplaces. After receiving the order, it will then be processed by the supplier or business owner under the name dropshipper. Online business as a dropshipper is in great demand because working hours are flexible, you are not bothered with calculations, prices, and of course you can do it online.

2. Reseller

Reseller is a term used for people who resell products from suppliers or manufacturers. An example of this reseller system is a retail business that has developed a lot. First they buy products from manufacturers, then make price adjustments by adding profits from resellers.

This business system is suitable for those of you who want to start your own business. As a reseller, you can buy stock products from other manufacturers or resellers at below market prices. Next, start doing marketing by uploading the best product photos. If you are limited in capital, then online marketing can be the best choice.

3. Online Shop

The development of the times has also changed businesses that were originally conventional to digital. There are many online businesses, one of which is an online shop. Online shop is a business whose transactions can be done online. This system is suitable for beginners who are just getting into the business world, of course, because it is seen from a practical point of view.

As an online shop owner, it means you don’t have to have a physical store to sell. All sales and transactions can be done online. Then instead of a physical storefront, you can provide a digital catalog containing products and their specifications. With an online system, merchants will find it easier to reach customers because of the wide reach of cyberspace.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Recently the term affiliate marketing is quite widely used. Affiliate marketing is an online business that is run by involving intermediaries before goods from producers reach customers. This business system is different from MLM (Multi Level Marketing) which does tiered marketing to gain income.

The profit an affiliate marketer gets is in the form of a commission from the producer or business owner. This affiliate marketing program is opened by marketplaces or e-commerce, where they must be registered as members first. Once registered, you can place product links on blogs or social media. If someone makes a transaction from that link, you will get a commission from the sale.

5. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a strategy and marketing activities that are based on online. Recently, this profession has become increasingly popular because online business is also growing. The job of a digital marketer is to do product marketing and branding for business owners. Other responsibilities such as increasing brand awareness, web traffic, and conducting market research.

If you have the skills that make it possible as a digital marketer, then this can be a profitable online business. Many companies or business owners need digital marketers to increase their sales. This profession also allows you not to come to the office because you can work from anywhere.

6. Copywriter

Have you ever seen the advertising tagline that is widely spread on social media? The person who works to make the ad tagline is a copywriter. A copywriter is someone who is in charge of making creative and persuasive copy or advertisements for various media and content. These advertisements are used to promote goods or services to attract customers.

A copywriter’s job is not just to write, they need to do market research to find out what the customer wants. Likewise with the writing technique used, there are several formulas that need to be considered such as awareness, interest, desire, and action. Copywriter is an online business in the form of a service that you should try.

7. Content Writer

Unlike copywriters who focus on making advertisements, content writers are tasked with creating informative content for their readers. The content writer profession is much needed by business owners who want to introduce their products as well as educate their customers. If you have the ability to write and arrange words well, then this service business is worth a try.

However, content writers do not only serve or just write. They need to do research before writing, for example keyword research and use of backlinks. It is intended that the resulting articles are easily detected by search engines. Articles produced with in-depth research will more easily enter the first page of search.

8. UX Writer

Both use writing techniques, but there are differences between UX writers and copywriters and content writers. A user experience writer or UX writer is someone who is in charge of making copy for applications, websites and digital products. The intended copy is to provide user navigation.

The responsibility of a UX writer is to create the right words for menus in digital products. For example regarding definitions, pop ups, buttons, labels, chatbots, to instructions to guide users the first time they use certain software. UX writers are required to have the skills to make copy that can reach users from various backgrounds and ages.

9. Translator

If you have skills in linguistics, especially foreign languages, then a translator can be the best choice. Currently, translator services are needed because language differences are no longer a barrier to business. For example, people who want to translate certain documents will prefer translator services over machine translation.

This is because for certain documents such as books, scientific articles, and other important documents it is not possible to use machine translation. A translator does not only translate written text, they are required to do it accurately so that it is easy to understand. The skills needed are understanding in reading, writing, and understanding culture.

10. Editor

The book editor is in charge of checking or editing the manuscript before it is published. Some of the skills a book editor must have include thoroughness, good communication, and writing. An editor is required to work closely with writers to provide advice, suggestions, and support so that they are able to produce good writing.

If you have qualified skills as an editor, this online service business can be the best choice. Previously, editors worked under publishing companies, but now you can find many freelance book editors on the internet. You can offer services via the internet or novice writers who need their book editor.

11. Social Media Specialist

Currently, online business services as social media specialists are popular. This profession is related to the process of creating informative and interesting digital content. The goal is to increase brand awareness, marketing, and increase sales. The responsibility of social media specialists is not only on one platform, they are required to have content that is suitable for other platforms.

This profession is needed by many companies who want to develop their business in the digital sector. But now there are many freelance social media that offer their services on the internet. By using this work system, you are more flexible to work anywhere. In addition, the work base is also online.

12. SEO Specialist

This profession was born from the development and rapid growth of digital media. An SEO specialist is a person who is responsible for optimizing content for search engines. This is so that the resulting content is easy for search engines to detect and occupy the first page. Simply put, this profession organizes and conducts research before content is uploaded.

The responsibilities of an SEO specialist include conducting research on certain keywords or phrases. The results of this research are expected to increase website traffic and ranking on search engines. An SEO specialist must have an interest in digital marketing and be up to date with new information. In addition, it also requires the ability to analyze search engine algorithms.

13. Online Tutor

If you are someone who enjoys teaching and has good leadership skills, then online tutors can be an option. The material taught can be adjusted according to your abilities and what is needed by the market. For example, currently the development of online business is quite rapid, you can become an online tutor to teach about online business.

Apart from topics related to online business, public speaking is also the most needed skill. If you have skills in public speaking, then becoming an online tutor in this field can be an interesting choice. The profession as an online tutor is much needed because the time is more flexible and can be done from anywhere.

14. Blogger

If in the past blogs were only seen as ordinary writing media, now they can be money-making media. Some people even blog as their main profession, of course because the results are quite promising. But before that, make sure you have a blog with quality content to bring in visitors.

Next, you can start monetizing your blog in several ways. First by utilizing Google Adsense, where bloggers get money from advertising services. In addition, another source of income is through endorsements where bloggers work with certain parties to promote products. Bloggers will get free products to cash.

15. Influencer

Do you like appearing in public or are you confident enough in front of the camera? Becoming an influencer can be the right choice. Nowadays anyone can become an influencer, you can start from the social media that you like the most. Then start producing engaging content and building trust from your viewers and followers.

Online business by becoming an influencer is quite promising. An influencer earns income from various sources in between from cooperation with sponsors. Influencers create content according to the products that have been provided and sponsors pay for the promotion services. If the influencer has a good reputation on a particular topic, there will be many invitations to become a webinar speaker.

16. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are artists who create works in the form of illustrations, photos, and writing on social media. Their ability to convey messages in the form of images is what makes graphic designers get paid handsomely. His responsibility is to create visual concepts either manually or using computer software.

In this digital era, job opportunities for graphic designers are limitless. They can work for companies, become freelancers, or by setting up a digital agency. Visual arts will not die as long as the internet is still victorious. So the skills of a graphic designer will never be wasted because many are willing to pay dearly for their work.

17. Web Developer

Currently web developer is a job that is quite in demand. This is because high salaries and flexible working hours make some people switch professions in this online service business. A web developer is responsible for creating a site through a computer programming language. Their duties are in accordance with the role of each web developer, namely fronted, backend, and database.

Before creating a site, of course, you need to plan in advance, this is also the job of the web developer so that the resulting site is of high quality. After that, testing is carried out to detect problems that might arise. The skills that a web developer must have are an understanding of computer programming languages, Photoshop, and problem solving.

18. Content Creator

Nowadays many people are involved as content creators. One of the professions with flexible working hours and its basis can be done online. Content creators are people who create content on social media with a specific purpose. This goal is tailored to the content to be created, for example, about beauty to health.

By becoming a content creator, there will be many opportunities that can be achieved. For example working with certain brands, becoming affiliate marketing, and increasing personal branding. If the content creator already has a strong audience base, this profession can become a profitable online business.

19. Virtual Assistant

Currently working remotely is the dream of most people. Where they can work without being bound by company regulations and their time is more flexible. One of the promising remote jobs is a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant in charge of providing service Administrative and business support to companies remotely.

Actually, this virtual assistant is the same as an assistant in general, the only difference is the base just do it online. Virtual assistants are responsible as personal assistants, do data entry, and manage social media. Meanwhile, the skills needed are communication, Microsoft Office, problem solving, and time management.

20. Social Media Admin

The social media admin is the person who is responsible for managing and operating all things related to digital platforms. The role of an admin is very important because it is directly related to potential customers. The admin is in charge of convincing potential customers to provide information and make transactions.

The social media admin’s job is to plan content to be broadcast, schedule content display, and maintain interaction with followers. The skills that an admin must have are good communication, Microsoft Office, thorough, keeping up with the times, and being able to operate online platforms properly.

21. Online Survey

Filling out surveys is an online business that is quite easy and can be done by anyone. This job can be your choice if you want to make money but have limited capital and abilities. This online survey is easy to do because you only need to enter the specified link and start answering the questions asked.

When finished, you will get money from the results of the survey. The money you get depends on how many surveys you do. More and more survey what you fill in your income also more and more. But before that make sure to choose a survey trusted online site with free, flexible, and convenient features.

22. Content Placement

Are you a blogger and want to make money? You can start by doing content placement. Simply put, content placement is the promotion of article content from other parties that is carried out on your blog. Of course this promotion is not done for free, you will be paid by those who want to do the promotion.

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If you are a beginner blogger and want to get content placement, you need to do a number of things. First, by creating a blog that contains one topic of discussion, moreover, this chosen topic is quite sought after by people. Do not forget to also include a contact that can be contacted by the promoter. You also have to produce quality writing from the blog.

23. YouTuber

Recently YouTuber has become quite popular. There are many benefits that can be achieved from a YouTuber, namely increased personal branding and the opportunity to earn large income. This job is suitable if you are confident in speaking in front of the camera and like to generate creative ideas.

The way to get money from YouTube is to produce content first. After the terms and conditions are met, you can monetize YouTube by connecting to Adsense. In addition, if the content created is in accordance with a particular product then it is likely that you will get an endorsement.

24. Podcaster

Podcasters can be an online business choice for those of you who want to earn money from social media. Podcasts are audio content similar to radio, which can be listened to by streaming or downloaded at any time. Currently, many podcast creators have managed to make a profit by uploading their audio content.

Podcasters earn income by doing advertisements from brands or companies that sponsor them. Advertising can be done with a talk show or monologue review. Apart from advertisements, podcasters can also produce exclusive content for premium users. This exclusive content is in the form of special episodes that can only be obtained if you subscribe.

25. Application Developer

One of the most popular jobs in the IT field is application developer. This is evident from the many applications in the Google Play Store and App Store. An application developer can work under an IT company or with a freelance system. For now, becoming a freelance application developer is an attractive option because it is more flexible

Application developers are in charge of creating and testing applications for electronic devices such as cellphones and computers. The skills required by this type of work are analytical accuracy, thoroughness, problem solving, creativity, and technical skills in operating the software. The responsibility of an application developer is to develop applications to create guidebooks related to their use.

26. Content Strategist

Content strategist is a job in the digital marketing field related to creating content for social media and marketplaces. As a content strategist, you need the ability to design and strategize so that the content you produce is interesting. Therefore it is necessary to do in-depth research so that the content produced is right on target.

The skills that must be possessed by a content strategist are analytical thinking, problem solving, copywriting, being up to date with new information, and understanding customer desires. Content strategists can be an attractive choice for those of you who want to start an online service business because companies always need them.

27. UI/UX Designer

Technological developments have succeeded in presenting new types of work, one of which is UI/UX designer. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers are people who are responsible for creating software designs. The role of UI/UX designers in online business is very large, this is because their work is directly related to customers.

As a UI/UX designer, special skills are needed, such as making designs to operating certain software. Meanwhile, soft skills are also needed, namely critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, and being up to date with new trends. To become a UI/UX designer, you can go through formal education or take certification.

28. Photography

If you have a hobby of photography, then this online business can be an interesting choice. You can sell your photos on a marketplace that specifically accepts photos. Currently there are many photo selling sites spread across the internet, of course this is an interesting opportunity because from the work you make you can make money.

When you join as a contributor to a photo selling site, you will receive a commission for each photo sold. The commissions you get are quite diverse, ranging from 15-40 percent. This opportunity is very interesting because you can work without the need to be bound by company rules. Likewise with the time because it can be done at any time.

29. Preloved

This online business is growing rapidly among young people. Preloved are used goods that are of good quality, usually goods from well-known brands that have been previously used by other people. These preloved items can be clothing, accessories, books, to antiques. You can start this business because it is still in great demand, especially among young people.

Some things that must be considered when starting a preloved business are ensuring that the goods are in good condition. Even if the product is a used item, make sure it can still be reused. In addition, provide a fair price according to the value of the item. You can start a business by marketing digitally.

30. Shopping Entrusted Good Service

Do you like traveling? You can do this business while traveling but still get income. Open goods consignment services that can only be found in certain places. Some people only want certain items without having to go to offline stores, so they prefer to use entrusted services.

a few days before departure, you can make advertisements about the items you want. Promotion can be done through social media so that it can reach various groups. After that, make sure the price of the goods has been added to the costs of services, transportation and other operational costs.

31. Online Fitness Trainer

Being busy makes most people prefer to exercise at home. Apart from the flexible time, taking sports classes online is an attractive option. This new lifestyle change can bring benefits for those of you who want to start an online service business as an online fitness trainer.

Just like personal trainers in general, it’s just that activities are transferred online. If you have the ability as a personal trainer or come from a similar educational background, this could be an interesting business. There are several things taught in virtual coaching sessions, including flexibility, fat loss, weight loss, toning, muscle strength, and glow.

32. Video Editor

A video editor is a person who is responsible for collecting and processing several videos into one so that they are ready to be uploaded to various media. A video editor can add footage, dialogue, sound effects and more to make it more interesting. This work requires the actor to produce quality visuals and audio.

The high dedication of a video editor makes them paid handsomely. This is because video editor skills are always needed by those working in the digital industry. Skills needed include creativity, being able to operate software, good communication, and problem solving. You can start this online business as a freelance video editor.

33. Business Coaching

The distance learning system has become a culture in recent years. Especially in the business world that requires a person to be flexible with the times. Currently, an interesting online business option that you can try is business coaching. The task of business coaching is to provide understanding and guide someone who wants to start a business.

Today most people want to start their own business but still need expert guidance. Therefore, novice business people choose to seek business coaching to help them develop the business they are running. Of course as a business coach you need to have good business skills.

34. Game Live Streamer

If in the past games were a type of entertainment just for fun, now games can be a promising job. Become a live game streamer success is the dream of gamers to earn income according to their passion. Moreover, there are already many live streamers whose income is greater than professional workers.

Game live streamer sell their skills in playing games. Therefore streamers must have good enough skills so that the quality of the games being played can attract the interest of the audience. Online streamer business opportunities are wide open, they can start their own live platform or follow universe online game competition.

35. Internet Domain Selling

If you want to start a simple and profitable business, buying and selling domain names can be an attractive option. The business potential of buying and selling domains is quite promising because website growth always goes up every year. If you want to start this online business, you will get several advantages, such as it’s easy to do because it doesn’t require special skills.

This business is also suitable as a side business because it can be done anywhere and anytime. In terms of the competition itself, it is also relatively low because this business is quite new in the digital industry. Therefore, you need to focus on determining the target market to get the right customers. In order for your business to run smoothly, also choose a really quality domain provider service.

36. Accounting or Bookkeeping

In the midst of rapid business development, of course business owners need accounting or bookkeeping services to make administrative matters more efficient. Therefore the opportunity to become an accounting or bookkeeping is quite promising, you can start by offering services online. The target market is micro, small and medium enterprises.

Business owners with limited capital will prefer freelance accounting or bookkeeping. This is because it can reduce the company’s operational costs, work relationships are more flexible, and assessments are more objective. The skills that a freelance accountant or bookkeeping must have are thoroughness, being able to operate accounting software, and problem solving.

37. Data Entry

Data entry is a job that is always needed by companies. This work is needed to maintain and ensure the continuity of data in organizations or agencies. The focus of a data entry is on company data input activities. These data are useful for administrative purposes, cost cutting, and decision making.

Someone who works as a data entry is responsible both inside and outside the team. Therefore, you need good communication skills. You can start this job without being tied to a company and can be done online by becoming a freelancer. Offer your services via the internet to get the most suitable clients.

38. Telemarketing

An online business that you can try next is to become a telemarketer. This work is part of a business strategy that is still used today. Telemarketing is a marketing strategy by offering products or services to customers by telephone. A telemarketer is responsible for customer satisfaction.

This job requires telemarketers to promote products or services to customers. Even though it looks like a spam call, telemarketing is very effective if you know the customer’s profile first. The skills that telemarketers must have are multitasking, problem solving, and listening.

39. Travel Planning

Holidays will be more enjoyable if done with careful planning. This opportunity is used by a travel planner. The task of a travel planner is to plan a trip so that the vacation experience is more enjoyable. You can become an online travel planner by offering services on the internet.

Some things that must be considered before becoming a travel planner are a good understanding of each tourist location so that the plans are prepared accordingly. Also make sure to know the right time to visit tourist sites. The responsibility of a travel planner is to ensure tourists have a safe and comfortable vacation.

40. IT Consulting

As the name implies, an IT consultant is an expert in the IT field to help clients compile and improve IT projects. This assistance is not only in the form of digital products, IT consultants can provide guidance in making models, strategies or decisions that need to be made. Apart from working in IT companies, IT consultants can also work on an online basis.

The job of an IT consultant is to analyze conditions and potential problems that may occur. Not only that, IT consultants are required to have good problem solving skills from existing problems. For the must-have skills among them knowledge in the field of IT, analytical skills, thoroughness, to critical thinking.

41. Data Administrator

If you have the ability and interest in working in the IT industry, a data administrator can be an attractive choice. Data administrator is a person who is responsible for managing, processing, and securing data in one or more systems. It is intended that users can access the data for business purposes.

A data administrator has full control of a company or client database. Therefore, their job is to identify user needs, manage databases, and back up data to avoid loss. Meanwhile, for the skills that must be possessed, namely SQL, UNIX, Linux,Oracle, and analytical skills.

42. Cybersecurity

As the name implies, cybersecurity is a person who is responsible for cyber security. This safeguard is to protect computers, software, electronic systems, and data from the risk of crime. Today many companies need this job because they have to protect users’ personal data.

Some skills that must be owned by a cybersecurity namely the ability of communication, analysis, and network systems. Heavy cybersecurity tasks make the salary offered quite high. Likewise when it happens risk data leak then cybersecurity have to take responsibility first.

43. Life Coaching

Life really doesn’t have a guide, that’s why many people hire the services of a life coach to give advice. The job of a life coach is to help clients grow into independent and competent individuals. This life coaching session can be done online, according to the request of the client.

A life coach must have an appropriate and trusted educational background. If you have the ability to give advice that is impactful, then this job can be an attractive choice. As a life coach, you are required to have a good understanding of every problem faced by clients.

44. Career Coaching

Everyone definitely wants a good career and according to their passion. So it’s no wonder that many career coaches are needed to provide career-related advice. Their role is very much needed to make career-related plans that the client wants to achieve. In addition, it is also able to provide a series of test simulations for these needs.

Some of the knowledge that a career coach must have is psychology, communication skills, analysis, and motivational skills. If you have a series of these abilities then this career choice is quite interesting. Especially in future developments and more and more new career opportunities will emerge.

45. Data Scientist

A data scientist is a person whose job is to perform analysis on raw data to help companies or individuals make decisions. A data scientist must have skills in the fields of analysis, mathematics, and statistics. In addition, they must also be familiar with software such as Python, Java Script, Excel, and others.

Data scientists will perform coding techniques and computer programming to collect and process data. They are responsible for helping companies improve business operations from processed data. Currently, career opportunities as a data scientist are not limited to companies, you can become a freelancer who offers services via the internet.

46. Online Cooking Instruction

Currently there are many opportunities for those of you who have skills in the culinary field. Apart from the cooking business, you can also become an online cooking instructor. This job can be a promising online business because many want to learn to cook but don’t know where to start.

You can use this opportunity to become a cooking instructor on an online basis. This job is quite flexible because it can be done from home and is not limited in time. First, you can upload your cooking results as a portfolio before finally getting a client. If the client is interested, they will contact and offer cooperation.

47. Speaker

Since the pandemic, web seminars (webinar) have become a separate trend. Besides being able to do it remotely, the reach of participants can also be wider. You can use this opportunity to become a speaker. Speakers are invited because of the personal branding they create on social media, they have competence in certain areas of expertise.

If you have expertise in a certain area, don’t hesitate to start building personal branding. Opportunities to earn income from social media are very broad, one of which is by becoming a speaker. Besides being beneficial for yourself, by sharing your knowledge you can also make an impact on the lives of others.

48. Online Course Teaching

If you have the ability to teach and understand certain subjects, opening an online course teaching can be an attractive option. With technology, distance and time are not obstacles to learning. This opportunity can actually be good news because you don’t need to go to offline classes to teach.

By using a mobile phone or laptop, you can reach students from all walks of life. This could be a new era of today’s education, moreover the internet is becoming more and more limitless and can be accessed by anyone. You can open online classes to help students who have difficulty understanding lessons at school.

49. Voice Over

Not many people know that a job as a voice over or dubber is quite promising. Voice over is the process of filling in the voices of the characters in the film or audio according to the script from the producer. Currently, many creators need voice over services for the works they create.

Some of the things you need to do to become a voice over are practicing intonation, video editing, being able to explore characters, and being able to process audio well. You can voice over a promising online business opportunity. Create a portfolio of your voice over results then upload it to social media that can be reached by many people.

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50. E-book Writer

If you have the ability to write and arrange words, then this online business can be an option. eBook writer allows you to work anytime and anywhere. Of course, the theme of the book can be adjusted according to your abilities. For example, if you are used to writing about lifestyle, this theme could be an e-book topic.

The results of the e-book that you have created can be sold through the marketplace or social media. Of course you need to find the right target market according to the theme of the e-book. Business-books This is quite promising because now many people are interested in reading digital books. Of course because digital books are easier to carry everywhere.

51. Presentation Creator

Starting an online business as a presentation creator can be quite a promising opportunity. Currently, many people need presentation creators because they want to save their time to do other things. Usually users of this service are students, university students, teachers, lecturers, and companies.

If you have the ability to organize material well then this work is worth a try. Plus you have interesting design skills, so your skills will be paid handsomely by people in need. You can try to upload your portfolio.

52. Financial Advisor

Financial advisor is a person who gives advice and advice to someone in financial planning. In general, financial advisors provide various financial related services. Some of the services offered include investment management, tax planning, and financial matters.

This opportunity can be an online business if you have a license to be a financial advisor. Today many people want to solve their financial problems through online finance advisors. You can create content on social media related to finance and offer your service as a financial advisor.

53. Data Engineer

In the midst of an abundance of information, there is a lot of data that can be obtained on social media. Therefore jobs in the data field are also increasingly in demand, one of which is as a data engineer. Data engineer is a person in charge of building a system or infrastructure related to large volumes of data.

This infrastructure can be a database, pipeline, data warehouse, and other systems designed for large-scale data. Working as a data engineer doesn’t require you to always come to the office. Armed with data processing skills and supporting software, you can become a freelance data engineer.

54. Online Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are people who design clothes for personal or commercial purposes. Currently, career opportunities in fashion are wide open, one can become an online fashion designer. The results of this work can be sold to companies or individuals. Online fashion designers can also work remotely under a fashion company.

Skills that a fashion designer must have include having a creative spirit, especially in the field of fashion. This will enable fashion designers to create innovative and high-quality works. In addition, drawing skills are also absolutely necessary to be able to visualize the work to be made.

55. Music Producer

Apart from musicians, music producers have an important role in the music industry. Music producer is a person in charge of supervising and managing the music production process. Nowadays, online music producers are needed to design various genres of music. Of course this is an interesting opportunity for those of you who want a career in the music industry.

As someone who wants to have a career as a music producer, of course, you must have the ability to use various musical instruments. In addition, proficiency in technology is also required. especially the technology that supports music production. Another thing to consider is knowing the basics of combining songs to make them sound more interesting.

56. Script Writer

Script writer is a person who is responsible for compiling scripts for advertisements, soap operas, news, films, and shows on stage. Script writer required to arrange the course of the story persuasively, creatively, and in a timely manner. This is because the shows presented are made to entertain and inform the audience.

Some of the script writer’s duties are planning and developing ideas before they are compiled into a complete script. Apart from that, they also have to be able to make script layouts for the characters to study. Script writers need skills in carrying out their duties, such as creativity, diligence, discipline, and professionalism.

57. Database Manager

Database manager is a job in the data field that is currently popular. The task of a database manager is to perform maintenance on the database system, for example carefully checking data accessibility. In addition, to maintain security, it is necessary to install software so that it is safe from hackers.

The skill needed by a database manager in carrying out their duties is analytical thinking. This ability is needed to make difficult decisions. Capabilities related to database software operations such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Server, and IBM Db2 are also required. Because the work is related to data management, an understanding of the query language is also needed.

58. Trade in Cryptocurrency

Crypto trading is a method used by investors to profit from cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a type of trading that can be done after the presence of the blockchain and digital currency market. Traders buy and sell cryptocurrency assets they have. This is where traders benefit.

Beforestart trading in cryptocurrency you need to pay attention to a number of things, namely first determine the cryptocurrency you have. You need to understand the trends in the market for the sake of price speculation. This is to minimize losses that could have occurred. After that starts input funds and start buying cryptocurrencies.

59. Trade in Stock

Stocks are a popular investment instrument. This is because stocks can bring promising profits. One way to benefit from stocks is by trading stocks. Stock trading is buying and selling of ownership certificates or companies or limited liability companies in the short term.

To become a trader you need to do stock market analysis on a regular basis. The key to the success of a trader is knowing when and the best price to buy and sell stocks. Traders have to be more active than investors because their profits depend on good analytical skills and time management.

60. Thesis Consultant

Thesis consultant is a person who provides advisory services in the field of academic writing, especially writing thesis. This service is needed by final students who are preparing their thesis there. Apart from consulting with the supervisor, some final students also need help from other professionals such as a thesis consultant.

Assistance provided by the thesis consultant includes advice regarding topics, authorship, and references that should be used. They also help if there are problems during the process of working on the thesis. If the final product of the thesis has been made, the thesis consultant can assist in the process.

61. Data Architect

Developments in technology and information make work as a data architect considered very promising. Data architect is a person who is responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and implementing solutions related to data processing. The opportunity to become a data architect is quite promising because many companies need it.

The skill that a data architect must have is system knowledge. Among them system development life cycle, project management, design techniques, and projects. In addition, an understanding of software is also needed, namely the Python, C/C++, Java, and Perl programming languages. Skills related to data modeling and design are also required.

62. Illustrator

If you have the ability to create works visually, then Illustrator can be an interesting choice. Illustrator is the person responsible for conveying an idea or story in visual form. As an illustrator it is divided into different fields like illustrator comics, forensic illustrators, medical illustrators, and storyboard illustrators.

One person illustrator skills needed to support their work. Among them are abilities in the field of art such as color control, composition, and others. Furthermore, for technical abilities such as being able to use computer software, especially those related to the arts.

63. Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is someone who is hired by an individual or company to become a writer. However, the name of the original author or ghostwriter is not included because the work has been purchased by the hiring company. This job has a good opportunity because it is still very much needed in the next few years.

Besides writing, the task of a ghostwriter is to write from the client’s point of view. This is because the work will fully belong to the client. Some skills are required to become a ghostwriter and be able to produce writing that is interesting, flexible, and fast. A ghostwriter must also be able to adapt to different types of clients.

64. Proofreader

Have you ever heard of the term proofreader? The proofreader is someone who is responsible for ensuring that there are no errors in the manuscript that has been made. A proofreader has the responsibility of correcting or editing various types of manuscripts. This job is the type of online business that is always needed.

The proofreader’s job is to edit the entire contents of the manuscript, ensure the accuracy of the content, and ensure consistent language style. Some of the skills needed by a proofreader are writing and editing, Microsoft Office, speed reading, and multitasking. If you are interested in becoming a proofreader, you can start by placing service advertisements on the internet.

65. Diet Planner

Today many people are increasingly concerned with a healthy lifestyle. So it’s not uncommon for many to use the services of a diet planner to help control lifestyle and food consumption. If you have expertise as a diet planner, this could be an interesting business to try. As a diet planner, of course, you must have expertise, especially in the field of nutrition and health.

There are several things that need to be considered if you open a service as a diet planner. First, make sure you are able to make plans that suit everyone’s physical condition. Everyone has different health conditions, so you must be able to adjust to it. In addition, you are responsible for educating about health.

66. Data Analyst

Data analyst is a person who is responsible for conducting analysis and research using data. The scope of work of a data analyst is around numerical data analysis, processing, and translating data to make it easier for ordinary people to understand. From the results of the analysis of a data analyst this will assist in decision making.

Skills that must be possessed by data analysts are skills in statistics and mathematics. This is a basic ability that can help in completing work. In addition, an understanding of databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP is also required. The ability to solve problems will facilitate work.

67. TikToker

Currently, the TikTok platform is quite popular because it presents a variety of interesting short videos. Not only as entertainment, TikTok is also a medium for earning income online. The popularity of TikTok makes it even more popular with creators. TikTok creator orTikToker You can earn money by producing short videos and then uploading them.

Some things need to be done to beTikToker success is creating an interesting profile. An interesting profile will increase the number of followers. Besides that, create interesting content too. Create content that describes yourself and is certainly entertaining for others. If your account has grown, there will be many offers of cooperation and advertisements later.

68. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an online marketing method that is carried out by sending emails to consumers or potential customers. This method is carried out to educate consumers, do branding, and increase sales. Every business will send email marketing to its customers.

However, most of the business people will recruit people to do this work. If you have skills in copywriting, this can be an interesting choice. You are tasked with making offers using more persuasive sentences. Not only that, an email marketer must also be able to use marketing applications to support their work.

69. Programmer

Programmer is someone who writes code to create computer software. The programmer’s scope of work is to write and test the code used to create software programs. This job is suitable for those of you who have expertise in the IT field, especially about computer programming.

The skill needed by a programmer is being able to use Linux. Linux is a software operating system that will make it easier for a programmer to work. In addition, an understanding of using C++ is also required. C++ is used to design software infrastructure and resource-constrained applications, such as desktop applications or e-commerce servers.

70. Sell Online Art

Are you an artist who wants to start an online business? Selling your work online can be the right choice. Currently there are many artists who market their work online either through social media or marketplaces. There are several types of works that can be sold, namely in physical and digital form.

Currently digital art is also popular. For example, vector art, WPAP, line art, low poly art, flat design, to typography. Of course, in the process of making digital art, an artist must have the skills to operate the required software. Good time management skills are also needed so that work is completed on time.

71. Event Planning

This online business is suitable for those of you who like to make plans. Currently being an event planner can be an interesting choice. This is because there are many activities on weekdays and weekends. Most of the organizers will use the services of an event planner because they are considered more profitable and save time.

You can offer services as an event planner via the internet. The things that must be considered are that you must have a portfolio first. If you don’t have one yet, you can start by making a fake project for personal branding purposes. If the portfolio you make is interesting, there will be many opportunities for cooperation.

72. Create and Sell Templates

Create and sell templates can be quite a promising online business. If you have skills in the field of design, this could be an interesting opportunity for you. One online platform that is quite promising for template creators is Canva. Here you upload templates and will get money if someone buys.

You can adjust the type of template according to your abilities. For example CVs, resumes, posters and templates to upload to social media. The business of selling templates is indeed very promising because it is always needed. You can do it anywhere and anytime, not bound by rules or having to come to the office.

73. Relationship Coach

A relationship coach is a person whose role is to provide advice in a relationship. For most people, having a relationship with different backgrounds is not an easy matter. Therefore they use the services of a relationship coach to provide suggestions for continuing the relationship to be even better.

A relationship coach will provide advice on dating, marriage, and love issues. The perspective given by other people, especially people who are experienced in their field, will be very helpful. If you have the ability to give advice about love, then a relationship coach can be an attractive choice.

74. Motion Graphic

Motion graphics is a type of animation that focuses on creating interesting dynamic presentations by moving illustrations and text. This animation can be found in 2D and 3D animation, for the results themselves can be in the form of advertisements, news, and other television shows. A person who works as a motion graphic is in charge of making images come alive and moving.

The scope of work for motion graphics is to create animated characters that are expressive and able to appeal to the audience. Apart from that, the ability of motion graphics to make storyboards is also needed. Storyboards are the easiest way to convey ideas to everyone on the team. They will be able to understand what you want to make in the future.

75. Canva Designer

Canva is a graphic design and content publishing platform that is easier and faster to operate than other software. Apart from being used for editing, Canva can also be a medium for earning additional income. One of them is by joining as a Canva designer. As a Canva designer, you can create multiple designs and sell them all at once.

In Canva you can make image designs, make videos, make powerpoints, to compile mindmaps, infographics and planners. This could be an interesting business because now a lot of people are switching to using Canva. If your work is interesting, many will buy it.

76. Painting

If previously painting could only be done directly on canvas, now it can be transferred digitally. You can become a painter on an online basis by creating interesting works. The results of your work can be a promising source of additional income. You can also work on orders from other customers.

As a painter, of course you need creativity to produce interesting works. The ability to determine color composition and size is also a benchmark for quality painting results. Work that you can make into a portfolio by uploading it on the internet. If it’s interesting you will get offers of cooperation from several products.

77. Technical Writer

Technical writers are different from writers in general. The job of a technical writer is to rewrite technical language so that it is easily understood by readers. Some technical writing such as writing instructions, writing technical articles, policies/terms & conditions, FAQs, marketing documents, to company reports.

A technical writer must have several skills including accuracy, especially in writing with special terms. Critical thinking skills are also needed because they are responsible for the scripts produced. In addition, writing skills and stringing words are the main foundation so that technical writers can compete in the market.

78. Google Ads Specialist

A Google Ads specialist is a person responsible for planning, executing and evaluating content created at Google. This job is quite promising because Google is the most used search engine in the world. Of course the reach is wider so it is used more often than other platforms.

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You can become a Google Ads specialist and do this work from home. Another advantage is that working hours are more flexible and the salary you get is also quite promising. But of course you have to have good marketing skills, problem solving, and communication skills.

79. Invitation Designer

If you have design skills, then an online business by becoming an invitation designer can be an attractive choice. Everyone wants the best invitation design for their special day. You can offer services by making wedding invitations, birthdays, or other special events.

However, first you have to convince potential customers by providing a portfolio. This portfolio can be the result of invitations that you have made before. If you don’t have one yet, you can create a fake project for the benefit of a work portfolio. If the design you make is attractive, the possibility of working together will be wide open.

80. Nutritionist

A nutritionist or nutritionist is a specialist who provides information about nutrition and health problems and healthy eating patterns. As a nutritionist you don’t always have to work at a health center. Career options to work independently, for example offering your own services, can also be a good opportunity to try.

With the skills you have, you can offer services through social media platforms. This system is known as freelance because it is not tied to any institution. Currently, many people need the services of a nutritionist to help them with their health, especially with regard to diet.

81. Online Researcher

Online researchers are people who are responsible for completing tasks regarding research, analysis, and presenting data related to data sources obtained from the internet. An online researcher does not only work in a limited area, they are able to carry out analysis related to the market, finance, branding, customers, and others.

Research results will be presented in visual or statistical form in language that is easier to understand. This job is quite popular because many people need online researcher services for their business continuity. Because the research base is via the internet, you can work from anywhere.

82. Foreign Language Teacher

Currently language is no longer a barrier for most people. This is because career opportunities abroad are in great demand. Therefore most people will look for a foreign language teacher to help them learn the language. Moreover, some people prefer to study online because they feel flexible.

This job is suitable for those of you who have foreign language skills. Besides that, you are also able to teach and convey material well, this is related to communication skills as well. You can offer services as a foreign language teacher on the internet and the opportunity to work with various parties.

83. Create an Online Store

Currently the opportunity to become a businessman is very large. You can start by creating an online store and selling some items there. There are already many online stores that are spread on the internet, selling various goods with attractive offers. Building an online store can be an option for those of you who want to do business but are constrained by capital.

Online stores can reach customers more broadly. This is because almost everyone uses the internet and it allows them to find online stores. This could be the most promising online business because it can be done anywhere and anytime. Currently there are also many people who benefit from their online store.

84. Logo Designer

A logo designer is a person whose job is to design and create logos. A logo is a graphic that can become a visual identity that includes specific criteria such as certain shapes, philosophies and colors. A log designer must pay attention to several things before starting to create a logo, such as the value represented by the existence of the logo.

The skills that logo designers must have are graphic design skills, including creativity, problem solving, communication, and time management. A logo designer must have good visual skills to support their work. In addition, the ability to operate the software is also needed as a logo designer.

85. Photoshop Editor

Photography is a field that is always needed now and in the future. This is because capturing moments is a necessity for most people. One of the jobs in the field of photography is a photoshop editor. A Photoshop editor is the person responsible for editing photos to produce better quality.

The responsibility of the photoshop editor is to review, edit, and make changes if necessary to the photo material to achieve the best quality. Apart from that, they also have to be up to date with everything related to the world of photography. Meanwhile, the skills that must be mastered are creativity to operate photo editing software.

86. 3D Artist

3D artist is a person who works to create three-dimensional models, animation, and visual effects. The work of a 3D artist can be in the form of films, games, and advertisements. This job can be an interesting opportunity for those of you who have artistic and software skills. This is because the development of animation in the world is still very promising.

If you are interested in becoming a 3D artist, there are several ways you can do it. First, you can start because you have the appropriate educational background or you can also take certification in the field of graphic design. The ability to master 3D design/animation software is also needed because it will support the work.

87. Backlink Researcher

Backlinks are related to SEO which relates to links in website content that point to other web pages or websites, usually used by website owners to increase the reputation and credibility of the website and its content. The importance of backlinks in SEO articles means work as a backlink researcher is also very much needed.

A backlink researcher is tasked with conducting research to find links that match each article on the website. The use of appropriate links will increase the quality and credibility of the content. Skills that must be possessed by backlink researchers are good analytical skills and problem solving. In addition, being able to use marketing software will greatly help in work.

88. Gamers

If in the past games were only used as entertainment, now they can be a source of income. There are many games that will pay players handsomely. Gamers will get a commission if they successfully complete the game. Another way to earn money from games is to enter competitions.

There have been many competitions around games with attractive prizes. This is proof that now the game has turned into a job that is quite promising. You can start a career as a gamer with a cellphone or laptop. Start playing the game that best suits you and earn commissions from it.

89. Greeting Card Designer

A greeting card designer is a person who is responsible for creating a design for a greeting card. The ability to make designs is needed for a greeting card designer, in this case being able to operate software to support work. Another capability is always up to date with new greeting card designs.

You can start this work by uploading the work that was previously made. The results of your work can be an interesting portfolio before the client decides to work together. If you don’t have work before, you can also make a fake project for portfolio purposes.

90. Travel Consultant

A travel consultant is a person who is responsible for helping clients arrange their travel plans according to their budget. Plans are made such as travel routes, transportation used, accommodation while in the destination city or country to which tourist destinations must be visited.

If you are a hobbyist on vacation and have an extensive network, a travel consultant can be an interesting online business. Several things that need to be considered by a travel consultant are the ability to understand the destinations that clients want to visit, starting from prices to the most appropriate time to visit.

91. Plagiarism Checker

You can offer your services as a plagiarism checker. A plagiarism checker is needed in the field of education, especially in the process of compiling the final project. You can offer this service via the internet to get customers who really need it. Of course it takes consistency and patience in starting this business.

Plagiarism checkers will always be needed so that it can be an interesting online business to try. This business doesn’t make you spend big capital because you only need software to detect plagiarism. You need to find the right target market, such as students, lecturers, and teachers.

92. Fashion Stylist

Currently there are many fashion stylists who create content on social media. If you have the same interest in fashion then this could be a great opportunity. As a fashion stylist, you can start by creating content about fashion on social media. The content you create can be a portofolio.

If your account has grown and you have personal branding as a fashion stylist, then this could be an online business opportunity. You can start offering services as a fashion stylist through social media. Some of the skills that must be possessed to become a fashion stylist are creativity and being up to date with new trends.

93. MC or Moderator

Since the pandemic, web seminars or webinars have become a distinct trend. You can use this opportunity to sell your skills as an MC or moderator. In every webinar, an MC or moderator is definitely needed to guide the course of the event. Of course, so that the event runs smoothly and the speaker can convey the material well.

An MC or moderator must be able to master the topic to be discussed because it is directly related to the material presented by the speaker. In addition, they must also be able to be calm and assertive to the audience. The MC or moderator must ensure that the webinar atmosphere is calm so that all the audience can focus.

94. Subtitle Editor

Subtitle editors are people who are responsible for displaying subtitles on videos, films, and series. The services of a subtitle editor are urgently needed because nowadays many people watch shows from other countries. Of course with subtitles it will make it easier to understand the intent and plot of the story.

As a subtitle editor, you must have good foreign language skills. This language ability will support in completing the work. In addition, it is also necessary to have accuracy in every sentence that is translated. This is because every language has its own accent, so you have to pay close attention to the meaning.

95. 2D Video Animator

2D video animator is a person whose job is to make 2-dimensional animated videos. 2D videos are moving images in which objects and characters are created in two-dimensional space. In this case the animation is created by only having a width and height. 2D animation works usually have simpler forms both in terms of images and colors

A 2D video animator is required to have skills, especially in creativity. This is because it will support their work. In addition, expertise in operating animation software is also required. This work is quite promising because the content in the form of videos has its own devotees, it can be used for the benefit of companies or individuals.

96. Noise Reduction Audio Editor

Have you ever experienced problems with audio and video that are not clear? Audio that has too much noise will affect its quality too. This is where the role of noise reduction audio editor is needed, they are tasked with processing the audio so that it sounds clearer and clearer. Of course the audio quality also increases when the noise is reduced.

One of the skills that an audio editor must have is problem solving. They are required to be able to overcome problems related to audio. Besides that, the ability to use audio editing software is also needed because it will support the work process. A good audio editor will be able to produce good work too.

97. Educational Game Service

In addition to conventional learning media, games are currently one of the media that is widely used in schools. Therefore, the opportunity to become an educational game service is quite promising. They are tasked with making educational games that are useful in supporting the learning process. Of course there is a difference between educational games and entertainment ones.

Educational games contain material in lessons taught at school. The purpose of using educational games is to provide students with a deeper understanding. If you want to offer services as an educational game maker, software skills related to games are needed. In addition, it also requires the ability to arrange material so that it is easy to understand.

98. Remote Tech Support Business

If you have expertise in business technology, remote tech support business can be an attractive choice. You are required to guide business owners, especially in the field of technology so that they are able to run it independently. Nowadays technology has become an important part of business.

But there are still many business people who have not been able to use technology properly. Therefore the tech support business will provide direct assistance. This could be an interesting business opportunity, of course because of the flexible working hours and remote work. You can take advantage of this opportunity to earn extra income.

99. Handmade Online Seller

If you like to make handmade items , then this online business is quite promising. You can sell handmade items made online. Many people like and collect handmade items . Especially if the handmade you make is unique and rarely found, of course there will be many who like it and want to buy it.

You can sell handmade items online on marketplaces or social media. By selling online, you can reach more customers. Another advantage is that you have more flexible time and can save on operational costs. These operational costs include the money that must be spent to pay for the store’s transportation.

100. Search Engine Development Business

This one job is related to search engine marketing or SEM. SEM is a product marketing technique (business website) by paying for advertising that provides these services. This work is done by search engine development business to develop a business. for example, by optimizing a business website.

A must-have skill for search engine development business is problem solving. They are required to be able to solve problems related to digital business. Especially regarding the development and marketing techniques that must be used. Search engine development business must have the ability to operate business software.

101. Online Corporate Counsel Firm

An online corporate counsel firm is the person responsible for providing legal advice to companies in this manner. This job is quite promising because now many companies are starting to develop. Before starting to make a decision, the company will ask for legal advice first.

If you have a background in legal education, this job is worth trying. You can open legal consultations online and provide advice for any client problems. Some small companies will choose to consult with legal counsel online because it is considered more affordable.

102. Start-Up Advisor

Start-up advisor is the person who is responsible for providing consulting about start-up businesses. Start-up is a startup company that is in the development stage, both in terms of product development, in terms of service to the business model that is being carried out. Because it is still in the development stage, the role of the consultant is urgently needed.

You are required to provide advice or suggestions to assist in the start-up development process. In addition, if there is a problem then a start-up advisor should be able to provide advice to solve it.Startup advisor could be quite a promising online business because more and more people want to build their own startup business.

103. Selling Service Online

If you want to start an online business but don’t sell products, offering services can be an attractive option. You can offer services based on your abilities. For example, offering design, writing, admin, and other services. Starting an online business in the service sector is quite promising.

First, you must have a portfolio to upload on the internet. Portfolio This will be the client’s consideration before deciding to use your services. Make the best possible portfolio, including the projects you’ve made. Make sure the project is in accordance with the services you offer, for example, if you are a graphic designer, then the designs you have made can be a portfolio.

104. Online Game Developer

Online game developer is a person in charge of compiling and making games. You don’t have to work for a company to become a game developer, starting a business by being a freelancer can be the best choice. You can offer services based on your ability to make online games.

The skill that game developers must have is creativity. They are required to have a strong imagination to deal with various problems that are bound to arise in a game development. Apart from that, there are three pillars that game developers must have. These three pillars are the gameplay, the mechanics of the game itself, and the player experience, or what players feel while playing the game.

105. Digital Agency

Digital agency is a company that helps digital marketing a business. Starting from thinking about the strategy, creating content, to the execution on social media. If you are interested in the digital industry, then starting a business in the digital agency field can be an interesting choice. Some of the products offered by digital agencies are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), graphic design, digital marketing, and website management.

There are several things you should do before starting to build a digital agency. Among them is determining the services offered so that the agency you build focuses on certain things. Because there are currently many digital agencies that have been established, you need to make your service offerings as attractive as possible, starting with creating a website and determining the appropriate theme so that customers are impressed.

106. WordPress Developer

As the name implies, a WordPress developer is a person in charge of designing and implementing websites for companies using the WordPress creation tool. This job requires someone to be responsible for both front-end and back-end development, including the implementation of themes and plugins.

The skill that a WordPress developer must have is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). HTML is the basic and pending foundation of WordPress. Apart from that, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) skills are also needed to set the visual appearance of WordPress. This job also requires someone to be able to think strategically to support the field being worked on.

107. PPC Expert

PPC or pay-per-click is one of the marketing methods used in search engines. The way PPC works is by displaying ads on search engines such as Google, Bing, to Yahoo, then everyone who clicks on the ad, the advertiser will pay the search engine. This is a task that is usually done by PPC experts.

The job as a PPC expert is quite promising because of the rapid development of search engines. A PPC expert can help advertisers find specific potential customers, for example according to location or interests. Skills needed include digital marketing and critical thinking skills.

108. Sell Niche Website

Niche is a topic discussed in a blog or website. If you are able to find the right niche, then the next content creation can be made on one topic. For example, if you create a blog with a niche around finance, everything discussed must also be related to finance. This opportunity could be a promising online business.

By selling niche websites there are several sources of money that will be obtained. First by selling-books whose contents are in accordance with the niche of our website, by making a good promotion, readers will be interested in buying it. You can also sell services that fit your niche and include PPC advertising services.

Now, the opportunity to earn extra money is easier. You can start with an online business. One business model that is flexible and can reach a wider market. Hope it is useful!

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