Email Hosting: Understanding & Myriad Benefits for Business

Whatever happens, the image of the company or business is something that we must maintain and must protect. If you agree with this, you must read this article to the end! There are many ways you can maintain your business image. However, the simplest but very powerful way is to use an email hosting service.

With this service, your company will look more professional because it has a special email domain. It’s no wonder that email hosting is the mainstay of business people in managing their company online.

Actually, what is the role of this email hosting? And how is the understanding and usefulness of the business that you are running?


Well, rather than getting confused. Here I will try to explain the meaning of email hosting and also about the benefits for your business one by one.

What is Email Hosting?

Have you heard the term web hosting before? Or even if you are a user of this service? If so, you should already understand what an email hosting service is, because basically these two services have almost the same concept.

So, what is email hosting?

Email hosting is a special email service that is used to send and receive email.

Specifically how?

It is said to be special because you will have an email address with a domain that can be personalized. This will be a cool and convincing email address for your employees, clients and business partners.

The use of email hosting in large companies is actually no longer a rare thing. This service has even become a mandatory agenda for them. With this email hosting service, it makes it easier for companies to set the email addresses of their employees to be the same and also manage their database more easily.

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Let’s say you have a company called B, then you can have a company email with the address

If you are just about to build a business, then I suggest you immediately create an email service like this. That way, your business will look more professional in the eyes of customers.

This email hosting service will indirectly increase the company’s credibility quickly.

Then, where can you get this service?

Relax, now there are many email hosting service providers available in the world and you can find them easily.

Benefits of Email Hosting

Maybe you don’t really understand what the benefits of email hosting are for a business, although maybe you have been a user of this service for a long time.

Most of us are users and don’t know exactly why we use this service. True or false?

So, for that we need to know what are the benefits of this service and is this service really necessary to manage your online business?

Are Able to improve brand consistency

Maybe you will use an email hosting service because you want to make your business look more professional. Even more than that, this service also has great benefits in increasing the consistency of the brand that you have.

How come?

Email is a means of communication that is commonly used by customers to contact companies or business people.

If you have an email address with your own company domain, it will automatically be easier for customers to remember it. Even without you needing to tell them up front, they will understand that it is your company email.

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So, if this is the case, email hosting will indirectly create a strong brand identity. So it’s no wonder that many use email hosting as a powerful marketing technique to reach a wider market.

Suppose you are a customer and someone is a business owner who wants to promote a product to you. What would you do if that person sent you a promotional email with an obscure address?

Surely you will think of it as a passing wind because you do not know the email address.

Well, this means that the person just missed their first opportunity to introduce their business to you.

So, again, email hosting can help you strengthen company branding.

The storage space is getting bigger

A website without hosting will make it even more unstable because of the small storage capacity. This is very important for online business owners. As with web hosting, email hosting also functions to increase storage capacity.

Using a free email service with limited storage capacity will make work inefficient. Because, if there are too many incoming emails, you can no longer receive new emails. Like it or not, you have to delete old emails one by one. This is not a short amount of time and will certainly be a waste of time.

So, simply solve this problem by using an email hosting service. Then automatically your email storage space will increase.

Improve security system

Usually email hosting services provide several additional features in the form of spam detection and even protection from spam. So, it can be said that email addresses with hosting are much safer than free email services. At least, you’re not tired of the spam that keeps coming in your email inbox.

Some email hosting providers also provide services without advertisements which can minimize the risk of company privacy leaks. Free email services with advertisements show that they have recently taken private data from your inbox.

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There is an Email Backup Facility

The rapid exchange of information through offers and transactions via email, makes business email require regular e-mail backup features.

Well, email hosting services allow you to back up and restore data for all email addresses connected to your company’s domain. Some free email providers may also provide this feature, but of course the number is limited and not optimal if you use your own hosting.

More Flexible Account Management

By using a free email service, you are allowed to create as many email addresses as you want. However, is it an effective way to manage employees in your business?

Certainly not.

Just imagine, when an employee decides to leave your company or you just fired him. Then you cannot delete the employee’s email account because he has changed his password.

Not to mention the problem of naming accounts that are less flexible if you use a free email service. Where the account name must be made different from the existing address owner.

Both of these problems can be easily resolved using an email hosting service. You can manage all your employee accounts in one place and the names can follow the names of each of your employees.

Email hosting also usually provides a broadcast feature that allows you to send email at one time to all email addresses connected to your company’s domain.

So, that’s a review of the meaning and benefits of email hosting for an business. Hopefully this information is useful for you and improves your business in the future.

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