How to Learn Internet Marketing and be a Successful Marketer

Learning Internet Marketing. Currently the internet has become part of marketing. The existence of the internet makes it easier for almost all aspects of life. Not only in the world of education and health but also in business. Evidenced by the existence of internet marketing that provides full service to its customers.

If you are a business owner then having skills in internet marketing is a must. To understand more about internet marketing, this article is specifically recommendation it for you. Apart from that, there are also tips for becoming a successful marketer through internet marketing.

learning internet marketing

Learning internet marketing: What is internet marketing?

According to Kalyanam and McIntyre (2002), internet marketing is a form of e-marketing that describes the use of websites to strengthen marketing efforts, especially promotions carried out by companies.

Kotler and Armstrong (2013), internet marketing or better known as online marketing describes a company’s efforts to market products and services, as well as build relationships with customers via the internet.

Chaffey et al (2000), internet marketing is a means to market products or services through internet marketing as well as the application of the internet and related internet technologies to achieve marketing goals.

David and George (2001: 20) in their book Marketing Research, internet marketing or online marketing is the use of networks to reach customers. Bringing together a network of users and resources has resulted in new activities with more capabilities.

Separation of each activity and changes that occur very quickly, connecting users with computers that have been transformed into a communication tool leads to a new business opportunity, and generates a new industry.

Meanwhile, according to Mohammed (2003: 82) in his book Internet Marketing, defines internet marketing as a process of building and maintaining customer relationships through online activities which are the exchange of ideas, products, services that can meet customer satisfaction.

From this it can be concluded that internet marketing is an internet-based marketing activity. Aside from being a form of sales, internet marketing also has an impact on small business owners such as reaching a wider range of customers, increasing brand awareness, and building new relationships.

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5 reasons internet marketing is important  for business

In the business world internet marketing has an important role. The following reasons internet marketing is important  for business.

1. Can reach potential customers globally

Reaching potential customers worldwide is the main and most important benefit of internet marketing, you can deliver products and services with the help of it.With proper use of SEO techniques, you can reach the maximum number of people and engage them on your website.

2. Build long term relationship with customers

Internet marketing allows businesses to build long term relationships with customers. As long as businesses have an online presence, they will stay in touch with their customers, and their customers can easily approach them whenever they want.

3. Facilitate in communication

With internet marketing, communication between businesses and customers can be done very easily. Mvia internet, anywhere that person is located, you can easily contact them. This is one of the benefits of internet marketing that has made business life easier and simpler than ever.

4. Learning internet marketing: Save cost

There are many advantages of internet marketing which are amazing, one of which is that it is cost effective and much cheaper than television advertisements or print media advertisements. Internet marketing has a wider reach than any other advertising medium, you can reach your customers in no time, without worrying about additional costs or hassle.

5. Analysis can be done

Internet marketing campaigns we can analyze it, track it and can generate customer data and reports on their behavior. You can use Google Analytics to analyze and visualize marketing data. Analysis Marketing campaigns are very beneficial when marketing products and services on the Internet. Such internet marketing benefits are not possible in offline marketing.

How to learn internet marketing?

If you are still a beginner in learning internet marketing then the following tips are specifically recommending it for you. Here’s how to learn internet marketing.

1. Have a product and target market

The first step as a way to learn internet marketing is to have a product and target market. You can make products from the problems faced by the community and make these community groups the target market for your product.

Conversely, you can also determine in advance who will be your customers, then create products as a solution to the problems they face. This method is effective because you practice directly by having a product and target market.

2. Choose the product that provides the best solution

One thing that is often misunderstood when creating a product is that the solution provided is not the best solution to the problem at hand. Finally, consumers or the target market will leave our product and look for a better one. By providing the best solution, the consumer will make your product as their mainstay.

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3. Create a personal website

The next way to learn internet marketing is to create a personal website from the business you are running. Remember, this website is built after you have a product and determine the right target market. There are indeed various marketplaces out there, but it would be better if you have your own website as proof of the credibility and professionalism of the business you are running.

Aside from being a branding and business profile, a website is also useful for source of information and facilitate communication. By having a website, you can easily update information for your site users. Information updates can also for doing it quickly and regularly.

4. Learning internet marketing: Build social media

After the website has completion, you can step into social media. The goal is none other than to build brand awareness and promotional tools. The trick, choose the right social media with the target market. For example, for a youth target market, select Instagram or YouTube. For professionals, choose LinkedIn. Meanwhile for the target audience who live in small towns, Facebook can be an effective choice.

One of the benefits of social media for business that you already know is social media can be used to post the advantages and features of the products you sell. You can attract the attention of many users and share it widely. The content that you create can also attract customer impressions.

5. Develop SEO, SEM, and Social Media Ads

Finally, the way to learn internet marketing is to develop skills in the fields of SEO, SEM, and Social Media Ads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique for optimizing websites so that the products we offer appear in search engines when people are looking for them.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a technique of optimizing a website so that it appears in search engines by using advertisements. Social Media Ads is a term for utilizing advertisements on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

By optimizing the use of SEO, SEM, and Social Media Ads, it will be easier for potential customers to find your business. This is an advantage in itself because you are one step ahead of other business people.

6. Marketing ThroughInfluencer which is compatible withBrand

Next, how to learn internet marketing. What you can try is influencer marketing. According to Sprout Social, influencer is one form of social media marketing which uses endorsement which is done by one or several influencers. As the name suggests, an influencer is someone who is able to influence others.

Usually, parainfluenza own branding separately so p followers already put their faith in them, for example, sports, beauty, or even electronics. So, if there is a product that is influencer recommending it, likely a lot of followers its will buy the product being promoted and some are already aware of its existence brand the.

7. Copywriting interesting

Copywriting is also a way of learning internet marketing that can help you grow your business. It is a technique of making persuasive and interesting writing so that people buy the products offered. Implementation example copywriting found in caption short found on Instagram social media.

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With interesting copywriting, your sales will increase. You also help consumers find the products that best suit them. Of course this will make it easier for them to make decisions. Make copywriting as attractive as possible to improve your sales.

8. Newsletter or Email Marketing

Email marketing is a technology utilizing email services for promotional activities to consumers. How to learn internet marketing proves to be more powerful because the incoming email is in accordance with the taste of the product or service being sold. Besides that, retargeting consumers can more easily do with its database customer email.

Email to the most cost-effective marketing tool. Email marketing can help build stronger relationships with your audience. Emails can direct your audience to visit any blog, social media or platform you want to redirect.

9. WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp has a large user base in all over the world. You can use this as a way of learning internet marketing effectively. Use Whatsapp for Business for your business account.The reason is, this particular application has many features to display business profiles, product catalogs, and message statistics features.WhatsApp for Business can also help you reply to messages from prospective buyers through features automated messaging.

10. Marketing Tools to Mine Data

In the internet business, data driven marketing is one of the supporters of successful internet marketing strategies which many companies use. Through data-based marketing, this method is proven to be maximized Return of Investment (ROI). More specifically,data driven marketing can help reduce waste, improve resource allocation, and maximize marketing efforts.

There are several methods which most people use it in data driven marketing, like people based marketing, artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, and so on. Besides that, there are mandatory tools that can be used by marketers as supporting data driven for example, Google Analytics or Hootsuite.

11. Video Marketing

In curious internet strategy marketing is easiest for even the busiest audience in the world to enjoy, then the answer is video marketing. Usually make a video will be more easily viral and reach a wider community. That’s why creating Video Marketing content will be very effective in no limit marketing. Besides being effective, the costs incurred are also practically minimal.

Video marketing utilize video as the main medium. So, people just need to watch without having to think much or take glasses for the sake of reading the text throughout the article. Platform that you can use as a learning method internet marketing This is also quite extensive, starting from YouTube, Instagram, to posting videos on the website.

12. Learning internet marketing: Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the internet marketing strategies through the creation and distribution of relevant and useful content to attract the attention of target consumers while making them engage and become customers of a business. A lot of quality content is important for this strategy to have a positive impact on your business.

That’s the comment about how to learn internet marketing and become a successful marketer. As someone who works in the business industry, of course internet marketing will be very much needed. Especially in this day and age, where almost everyone uses the internet to make their lives easier.