Selling On Facebook? Why Not? Learn These Tips To Maximize Sales!

Have you sold in the right place? This will determine how big your sales will be. It’s time for you to try selling on Facebook! With various advantages, learn the right way to sell well on Facebook.

Selling your stuff online has never been easier, thanks to a number of websites and apps catering to buyers and sellers of all second-hand items. Including the newcomer platform, Facebook Marketplace. Introduced in 2016, Facebook Marketplace already has more than 250 million active stores worldwide.

Facebook Marketplace has several advantages over other online selling platforms, including ease of use and lack of anonymity since messages are sent through users’ personal Facebook accounts.

Check out the tips below to make your sales sell well on Facebook.

Use Marketplace Features

The way to selling on Facebook is to use the Marketplace feature. Make it easy for people to see what items you sell, complete with specifications.

Similar to other e-commerce applications, Facebook Marketplace comes with a simple way and appearance. The seller’s name, item photo, location, description, and price are clearly stated. This feature is located on the left side of the page when you are logged in to Facebook via desktop.

Not using goods delivery services, the marketplace requires you to meet the buyer face to face and make payments or cash on delivery. Before direct transactions, you can first chat and negotiate with the buyer to agree on the price of the item. If you are quick to respond to buyer messages, Facebook gives you a “highly responsive” badge on your Profile.

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Create Interesting Content

After knowing your target market, it’s time to create interesting content. This strategy applies both to posting on Facebook Pages and when advertising using Facebook Ads. In terms of format, as much as possible, don’t just post in the form of text. Complete with photos and videos. Data shows that using video for promotion can attract 46% of consumers to buy products.

In terms of ideas, there are many types of content that you can create. Starting from a short tutorial on using the product, updating the latest features, to customer testimonials. You can also create content that is light but really reflects your business.

Use Original Images With Good Quality

One of the best ways to ensure your product sells quickly is to provide high-quality photos to entice potential buyers and let them see what the item actually looks like. Use natural light by placing items in front of a sunny window. Alternatively, consider taking photos outdoors in a shaded area to avoid harsh shadows.

Indoors, turn off overhead lighting to keep colors as natural as possible. Feel free to use the app to brighten photos. Make sure you provide an accurate picture of the item. If there is any damage, take clear photos of the area so the buyer can see the extent of the damage.

Schedule Content Posting Properly

Scheduling content posting is very important to help you determine when to post and how often. Posting too often will certainly give you less time to create content. As a result, the quality of your content may not be optimal. This will leave a bad impression on visitors. Conversely, if you update too long, your follower engagement can decrease.

So when to post?

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The ideal time for each business may be different, depending on the target audience. However, data shows that the most ideal time to post content globally is Wednesday at 9.00-15.00.

Have Good Product Quality

Apart from business operations, such as determining marketing strategies to uploading high-quality product photos. Make sure the product you are selling is of good quality. Balance between promotions carried out with product quality, quality products will certainly be your strength in the midst of intense market competition. This will also be your business advantage in retaining customers as well as your business branding as well.

Let’s make a parable, for example, for example, your business turns out to have quite a lot of devotees, even though the price you give is relatively high, but in reality the products you provide are of poor quality. As you can imagine, your customers will not come back to buy your product.

So, don’t let consumers run away due to poor product quality.

Actively Communicating with Audiences

One of the main goals of social media is to build a communication channel. If you use Facebook marketing, make sure you can communicate well with your consumers. That is, you don’t just focus on the content you post. Answering consumer comments is also no less important. Thus, communication will be able to go both ways.

The more often you discuss with consumers in the comments column and mention names personally, the better the engagement that will be formed.

Give Customer Testimonials

Try to guess, what is one of the factors that can make customers finally buy your goods on Facebook? One of them is testimonials from previous buyers. You could say that this review determines whether potential consumers will buy a product or not. Reviews are impressions and experiences given by customers while they are using your product.

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Is your product very useful for them or not?

Don’t be surprised if at any time there are unfavorable testimonials about your product, because everyone has a different experience. Depending on the level of success of the product against him.

“What exactly are the benefits of testimonials for a business?”

The existence of positive testimonials can increase the trust of your prospective buyers in the goods offered. Not only that, most people trust testimonial content more than other content, especially if the testimonials are organic. For prospective buyers, this will be a review of real product usage which ultimately influences purchasing decisions.

Use Buy and Sell Groups as a Best Way to Sell on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is a social media that provides groups for buying and selling? Yes, that’s the uniqueness of selling on Facebook that differentiates it from other platforms. No half-hearted, it has a lot of groups like this for different product types.

These groups are mostly used to offer the products they sell to Facebook users. Usually the group contains people who have the same interests or hobbies as well as the same area. You can apply this one tip when selling on Facebook. The method is easy. You simply have to upload the products you are selling to the group and wait for someone who is interested.

For example, you sell women’s clothing, so you can offer that product in a clothing buying and selling group so that you can increase the potential for purchases. Because you have offered it to people who have similar interests.

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