Tips for Selling at Shopee: Practical, Easy and Fast

Living in the digital era like now, you must be familiar with the marketplace with the logo of a shopping bag with the initial “S”. Yup, that’s right, that’s the logo of Shopee, one of the largest and best-selling marketplaces in Southeast Asia.

For those of you who have products to sell, you should try creating an account and marketing them at Shopee. This marketplace offers many conveniences and benefits for sellers/buyers. Like the “Live Chat” feature that allows you to interact directly with potential buyers. You will also get service and support from the system which will explain all questions regarding features, how to promos and so on.

Tips for selling online at Shopee

Having an online store is not only limited to creating a store account, but you need to create a strategy for your business too. Don’t miss a single strategy as long as you don’t want your shop to be less ogled by customers.

In the following, there are tricks and tips for selling on Shopee marketplace that you can apply to your online store. Come on, let’s see!

1. Set a price according to the market

When looking for products on the marketplace, many buyers are looking for low prices but good quality goods. Things like this can be set as a special mindset when selling at Shopee.

Think carefully about the price of the product you want to sell on this online marketplace. Is the price competitive and can compete with other product prices or not. Make sure the price is not too expensive and not too cheap.

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Add Product Photos and Videos

The next tip is to add product photos and videos so that potential customers can find out the shape of your product.

What’s more, customers who buy goods online cannot see the original appearance of the product they want to buy. Therefore, it is important to include product images in online stores to convince them to buy your product.

You can use photos that are unique and have the characteristics of the store. This is one of the factors that will make consumers look at your product. Use an attractive photo with a clean background and the right lighting and with clear product photo quality

2. Product information must be accurate

The next way to sell on Shopee is to pay attention to information about the products you sell. Make sure when uploading products to Shopee, all information regarding products is properly filled out, complete and accurate.

As an additional suggestion, when writing products on Shopee, use a structured product name such as Brand + Size + Product Model + and Specifications.

Remember! Product description is important for potential buyers. All the information contained in the product description will determine the probability they will buy your product or not. With a clear product description, potential buyers will get to know your product more deeply.

3. Multiply the products and pay attention to the availability

Can provide many product variations to be one of the most sought after by buyers. As a seller, of course, you have to increase the variety of products you sell. For example by adding a choice of color or product size. If the product variants at Shopee are more and more complete, of course it will bring in many new customers.

The existence of goods stock is also crucial for a business, both for selling online and offline stores. Just imagine, when a customer wants to buy your product but it turns out the stock is out, surely they will choose another store, right?

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Therefore, the tips for selling at Shopee that must be considered are managing stock inventory.

When there is a sale at your store, like it or not, you have to manually change availability so that overselling does not occur and the number of physical goods is the same as the availability at the shopee. However, changing it manually will definitely be difficult and time consuming, not to mention if there is an incorrect data input.

Fortunately, Shopee provides a system that provides a stock synchronization feature so that when a sale occurs, the stock will automatically decrease. The goal is to keep your inventory under control and make managing business operations more practical and efficient.

4. Raise Products

By relying on the ‘Upgrade Product’ feature provided at Shopee, you can make the products sold in search results even better. Not only that, by raising the product to the first position, the product has the opportunity to be seen by many buyers.

So the chance of being sold easily is also very high. This feature can be used to maximize the 5 choices of the desired product, for 4 hours only. Please enter Shopee, click Me, select My Store, select a product and upgrade the product.

5. Join the Shopee Campaign as a Promotion

A selling strategy at Shopee that you can do to increase sales is to follow Shopee campaigns. The way you can make a shop promotion is by giving a discount or joining the free shipping program from Shopee.

Free shipping when shopping on the marketplace is the most preferred among buyers. The way to sell at Shopee to make it more in demand is to activate the free shipping feature for customers or buyers.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by turning on the Xtra Free Shipping feature on the Shopee marketplace. Please enter the Shopee application and activate the ‘All Free Shipping’ feature.

Not only that, to be able to attract customers to buy products, you also have to offer other promotions, for example selling bundling products. You can mix your most purchased products with items your customers are less interested in as an added bonus.

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6. Make Your Own Shop Voucher

All buyers will like people with discounts or promotions when they are shopping. So, in order to attract the attention of buyers, there’s nothing wrong with presenting discounts or promotions on products sold through the ‘Shop Voucher’ feature.

Please activate it by selecting the ‘My Promotions’ option. Next, enter the ‘My Store Voucher’ option. Then enter ‘Create New Voucher’ so that shop vouchers via the Seller Center can be created as desired. Be sure to reply to customer chats quickly.

Did you know, it only takes 5 minutes for a customer to decide whether to buy the product or not? Well, it turns out that the first 5 minutes when customers chat with you, that’s when they decide to buy your product.

Therefore, you should answer their chats as quickly as possible so you don’t have to wait long. Especially when they ask about your product.

Unfortunately, there are still many who ignore it, it can be caused by you forgetting to reply or not answering it in order. So, if it’s still like that, it’s a sign that you need an application to reply to customer chats or commerce chats. By using chat commerce you can answer all customer chats from various marketplaces through one dashboard.

7. Share to social media

To make products at Shopee even more popular, the next way to sell at Shopee for beginners is to share every product you have on the social media that you use.

Don’t just one but take advantage of all the social media you use. For example, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many other social media options. Hopefully the tips above can help you sell on Shopee.

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