Top 10 Marketplaces In Indonesia To Sell Online!

Currently, more and more businesses are selling through e-commerce and marketplaces in Indonesia.

Not only by small business actors, even big brands have also entered and sold on the online marketplace. This is evident from the growth rate of the marketplace in Indonesia which continues to increase rapidly, especially during the pandemic even today.

The number of visitors per month reaches more than 500 million users for all marketplace in Indonesia.

List of Top 10 in Indonesia

What are these marketplaces? The following are the 10 best-selling or top marketplaces in Indonesia based on iPrice data.

1. Tokopedia

Tokopedia is the first top marketplace in Indonesia. Based on the number of visitors per month in the first quarter of 2021, Tokopedia is currently the number one marketplace in Indonesia, with 135 million.

According to the ecommerceIQ survey, one of the reasons many consumers choose Tokopedia is because of the wide selection of products available. If you have items that are unique or rarely found in other marketplaces, then Tokopedia is the place you’re looking for. You are suitable for selling here, for sure.

On Tokopedia itself, the most sought-after product categories are electronic products, followed by fashion and groceries. From the seller’s side, the number of merchants at Tokopedia itself is dominated by MSMEs.

To support merchants selling on the marketplace, Tokopedia has several features, namely promotional features, broadcast chat, store statistics, to finance where businesses can borrow capital to develop their business.

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2. Shopee

The first time it was established in Singapore, Shopee became the second marketplace with the most visitors, namely 127 million.

Surveys show that the main reason many consumers choose Shopee is because of its affordable product prices. The most popular product categories at Shopee include beauty, household appliances, and fashion, especially Muslim fashion.

Some of the features that businesses selling on the Shopee marketplace can use include ShopeeLIVE, sales assistants, chat bots, and many more. In addition, the available payment methods are also quite diverse. Shopee also often offers attractive promotions, the most tempting of which is free shipping. It’s no wonder that Shopee is often the choice of those who want to shop online.

3. Bukalapak

The third most visited online marketplace is Bukalapak with 34 million. Established in 2010, initially Bukalapak was intended as an online stall for MSMEs. Now Bukalapak has around 6 million merchants selling various products.

Similar to Tokopedia and Shopee, the reason consumers shop at Bukalapak is the low price and wide selection of products. The most sought-after product categories on Bukalapak include electronics, fashion, and hobbies & lifestyle products.

Some of Bukalapak’s features that can be used by businesses selling on e-commerce include inventory, monitor competitors, and so on.

4. Lazada

Next top marketplace in Indonesia is Lazada, an online marketplace owned by the Alibaba Group which has 30 million visitors per month. Based on a consumer survey, the main reason they chose Lazada as a platform for online shopping is its good reputation and affordable prices.

The most searched product categories on Lazada include electronics and fashion products. Even though Lazada is in fourth place in terms of the number of visitors, the unique thing is that Lazada has the most number of Facebook followers compared to other marketplaces, with 31 million accounts.

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5. Blibli

In fifth position of  top marketplace in Indonesia is the Djarum Group’s marketplace, Blibli. Per month, Blibli has 19 million visitors. Blibli has been around since 2010. The company works closely with logistics, banking and merchant partners to create a back-end system according to user needs.

Blibli also has a Blibli in store feature, which means we can make purchases through Blibli, but transactions and handover of goods are done at the store in question. Blibli also often offers attractive discounts for credit card users.

Many Blibli consumers say the reason they choose Blibli is because of its good reputation and authentic products. The most sought-after product categories on Blibli are similar to other marketplaces, namely electronics, fashion and food products.

Based on data from Blibli, the number of partners has now reached 16 thousand stores spread across more than 300 cities.

6. Bhinneka

Bhinneka is the sixth marketplace with the most visitors, namely 6 million users. Present as an online store in 1999, initially Bhinneka only sold electronic products.

But now Bhinneka has many merchants selling a wide variety of products ranging from automotive, industrial needs, and others. In addition, Bhinneka is also strengthening its position as a marketplace that can help meet business needs (B2B) and collaborate with the government (B2G).

7. Orami

Next is the parenting marketplace, Orami with a total of 5.3 million visitors per month. Slightly different from other marketplaces, Orami has a target segmentation for parents and pregnant women. In addition, Orami also implements an inventory business model.

Unlike the marketplace in general, the inventory business model takes goods from brands and sellers and then sells them. That is, sales are made directly by the marketplace. Some of the product categories that Orami sells are products for pregnant and lactating mothers, nursery furniture, baby & child care, toys, and others.

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8. Ralali

Another B2B marketplace that is also included in the top 10 marketplaces is Ralali with a total of 4.4 million visitors per month. Several product categories available at Ralali include Horeca needs, building materials, office equipment, and many more.

Some of the services available for businesses selling on Ralali e-commerce include price request features, capital assistance, logistics services, brand & distributor liaison, and so on.

9. Zalora

In 10th position of top marketplace in Indonesia  is the fashion and beauty marketplace Zalora with 2 million visitors per month. Similar to Orami, Zalora has an inventory business model.

First established in Indonesia in 2012, Zalora provides a variety of products from more than 500 brands, both local and international.

Apart from fashion and beauty products, Zalora now also sells household and lifestyle products.

10. Sociolla

Another top marketplace in Indonesia that is most frequently visited by the public for shopping is Sociolla. Every month, Sociolla is visited by more than 1.8 million users. This marketplace is based on Business to Customer (B2C) offering original beauty products such as makeup, skin care, hair care, perfume, and beauty tools.

In supplying its products, Sociolla cooperates with official distributors both in Indonesia and abroad. Many consumers have been loyal to shop here because Sociolla is proven to guarantee the authenticity and quality of its products.

Those are the Top 10 E-commerce In Indonesia To Sell Online that you can try. Before deciding, always adjust it to your needs and product type. You also use more than one marketplace at a time.