Top 19 Internet Marketing YouTube Channels

Currently there are many learning resources scattered. Starting from learning resources from books and the internet. You can learn via the internet by watching YouTube or reading web articles. Likewise, if you want to learn internet marketing, internet marketing learning resources are widely spread on the internet, one of which is through the YouTube channel.

Watching YouTube videos from these internet marketing experts will give you a new experience. You will get a lot of insight about internet marketing both theoretically and practically. The experience of these internet marketers can also be a lesson for you, if it works then you can also try it. You don’t need to worry because the videos that are shared are also free.

Internet Marketing YouTube Channels

Here is a YouTube channel that will help you learn internet marketing. Check out the full review here.

1. Web Trainings

Web Trainings is the best YouTube channel to learn internet marketing. This channel was founded by Mohd Azhar who is the best internet marketing mentor in the world. Here you can learn digital marketing, search engine optimization, Google Ads, social media marketing, online money making, business & entrepreneurship, and books.

The purpose of establishing this channel is to provide theoretical and practical internet marketing learning. You can find various kinds of strategies, tips, tricks, and tutorials from internet marketing.

2. smart telugu

Next is smart telugu which was founded by Ravikiran, an experienced blogger and internet marketer. He has experience in the world of startups and digital marketing. At smart telugu you will get a lot of internet marketing learning such as coding, social media marketing such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as how to start a business.

3. Google Ads

The first digital marketing YouTube channel recommendation is Google Ads, which was founded by Google. This digital marketing Youtube channel discusses effective ways for businesses to bring quality traffic to websites or product or service landing pages in order to get customers who match the products or services you offer. His demeanor in explaining material on the digital marketing Youtube channel is very relaxed and entertaining. This will certainly reduce our tension in learning. Interestingly, the discussion is also very complete.

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4. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a successful businessman and YouTuber who often shares insights about internet marketing. He is the founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and Kissmetrics. In his account, Neil Patel provides digital marketing tutorials for various social media such as Instagram, YouTube, email marketing and SEO. He has a mission, namely, “Learn digital marketing in just 5 minutes a day”.

5. Ahrefs

Apart from being a software that helps many entrepreneurs to develop, Ahrefs also has a YouTube channel about internet marketing. Here you can watch various videos about internet marketing, starting from tutorials, tips and tricks. You can also learn how to organically increase your traffic on Google, YouTube and other online platforms.

Ahrefs YouTube channel does not only share theory but also practical discussion where you can practice it directly.Here There are various kinds of case studies that will make it easier for you to learn internet marketing.

6. Backlinko

Backlinko was founded by Brian Dean, an experienced SEO who is responsible for brands like Amazon and Disney. On the Backlinko YouTube channel, he uploads various useful videos, especially about internet marketing. You can subscribe to Backlinko for easy access when uploading new videos.

7. Semrush

Semrush is an internet marketing tool that is popular among business people. Besides being known as an internet marketing tool, Semrush also has a YouTube channel that shares internet marketing.

You can learn many things from the videos on this account. Starting from social media, search engine optimization, and PPC. On Semrush there is also a lot of sharing on how to increase sales, tips, tricks, and other interesting content about internet marketing.

8. Success Before 30

The Success Before 30 Youtube Channel is owned by Chandra Putra Negara where he is a successful Entrepreneur and Motivator who has produced many works, one of which is the Success Before 30 Youtube Channel.

On his YouTube channel, Mr. Chandra often discusses tips for success as an entrepreneur, business opportunities, finance, investment and motivation.

There are hundreds of videos about business that can be used as learning tools to start a business. From various videos about business, it is not uncommon for Mr. Chandra to share videos with successful figures which will certainly add to our insight.

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9. Garyvee

Gary Vaynerchuk or better known as Garyvee is an experienced digital marketer in New York. He is also experienced in social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, and Uber. You can learn more about internet marketing with him through the Garyvee YouTube channel. Gary willshare various information and inspiration about the world of internet marketing in a more interesting way.

10. Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris is an Innovative entrepreneur and an early stage advisor/Investor for successful businesses such as Uber, Facebook, Alibaba and many more. Tim Ferris created a Podcast-themed YouTube channel that talks about business, technological developments, tips and tricks about habits that should be applied in human life.

Tim Ferris 4 last year invited Dr. Gabor Mate and talked about neurology and how to treat addiction with his unique technology. Currently Tim Ferris has 1.18 million subscribers.

11. Umar Tazkeer

Umar Tazkeer is a talented entrepreneur and digital marketer. He is also an application developer which has now reached 1.5 million users. Through this experience, Umar Tazkeer shares it through his YouTube channel to inspire viewers. He is also a highly experienced digital marketing mentor.

12. LovesData

Studying large global product marketing efforts is certainly interesting.LovesData is a digital marketing Youtube channel that contains information about internet marketing at Google, namely Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Data to the roots, you know! This can also be a recommendation for a digital marketing YouTube channel for you to watch.

13. vidIQ

Next, there is vidIQ which shares videos about marketing. Some of the things discussed in this channel are how to increase reach on social media. As we know, social media has the ability to reach customers very well so it must be utilized especially in the business world.

14. MeasureSchool

The next recommended digital marketing Youtube channel is MeasureSchool. This digital marketing YouTube channel covers all aspects of digital marketing on a variety of topics, including how to create a marketing plan, how to launch a successful product and how to create a one-page business plan.

15. AnalyticsMania

With 57.6 thousand subscribers, digital marketing YouTube Channel AnalyticsMania offers many videos about the world of marketing and finance using Google Analytics. This Youtube channel recommendation not only provides lots of interesting facts about marketing and finance, but also adds information about global trends affecting the business world

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16. Evan Carmichael

The entrepreneurial spirit has existed in Evan Carmichael since he was 19 years old. This is evident from the various business-related videos he uploads on his YouTube channel. For example, he talked about the morning routine that successful businessmen often do.

Apart from that, he also discusses inspirational things from various world business people, such as Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban. Interestingly, Carmichael likes to summarize various videos into one unit, making it easier for you to find complete and comprehensive information.

17. Christina Lee

If you know the distributor business of ‘101 Red’ –, you must already know this YouTuber, right? A business owner named Christina Lie has ventured into the world of YouTube which provides information about business. He often shares knowledge from his personal experiences with detailed and meaningful discussions.

Having more than 500 subscribers on his YouTube account, of course, is an inspiration for many people who watch his content. You can get videos on various themes from this channel, such as successful strategies, inspiration and success stories of other entrepreneurs, business tips, and fashion tutorials.

The hottest themes on his channel are the Difference between the Mindset of Successful People and Failed People, Inspiration for Success from Helping Others, and many more that can inspire doing business.

18. The Entrepreneur Diaries

Learn business from several entrepreneurs through the Prita Kemal Gani channel. This business will inspire you to do business online and for free. Through the theme of the channel called The Entrepreneur Diaries, Prita Kemal invites many respected business people in Indonesia.

The vlogs that are packaged can also provide strong inspiration for those of you who want to learn business knowledge from entrepreneurs. There are several business people who share easy tips to become entrepreneurs like Lena Thong,Putting Manna,Vincent Lianto, and others. They contribute to providing high credibility regarding the business that has been carried out.

19. Meta Ads

Meta is the new name of the Facebook family holding company owned by Mark Zuckerberg. On the YouTube digital marketing channel on Meta Ads, we will discuss business tips or promotions using Facebook Ads and Instagram.

Thus the review of the top 19 best internet marketing YouTube channels. YouTube allows you to learn internet marketing anytime and anywhere. You can even watch the video for free. From now on, there are no more difficult reasons to learn internet marketing. As long as you can try, you will definitely get various relevant sources and of course it’s free.