Top 20 Free Internet Marketing Courses to be a Good Marketer

As a marketer of course the ability in internet marketing is needed. This is a digital skill that must be mastered today. Therefore, there are many platforms that provide free courses about internet marketing. You can learn internet marketing directly from the experts.

There are many free internet marketing courses scattered on the internet. Starting from my courses for beginners to experts, you can adjust according to yourself. By taking this course, your internet marketing skills will increase.

Free internet marketing courses

Here is a free course about internet marketing that you can follow.

1.     Content Marketing Certification – HubSpot Academy

First, there is a free course from HubSpot Academy on the topic of content marketing certification. This course is suitable for those of you who want to learn more about content marketing. There are lots of interesting materials such as storytelling, compiling content ideas, and promotional content. This course will give you experience and prepare you especially in the world of content marketing.

2.     Social Media Marketing – HubSpot Academy

Social media marketing is one of the most crucial things in the role of digital marketing. This is because social media platforms are places where you can reach your target market directly or even massively. You will learn a number of things, such as how to develop an internet marketing strategy to upgrade engagement effectively, particularly using social media. There are 8 lessons which consist of 38 video materials and 29 practice quizzes.

3.     Internet Marketing for Smart People – Copyblogger

In the world of internet marketinga person Must be able to compose interesting and persuasive words. You can take a free course on the topic Internet Marketing for Smart People held by Copyblogger. In this course you will be taught smart ways about content marketing offline. This course is the best recommendation for those of you who want to learn internet marketing.

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4.     Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage in the site, that, has a Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course. This course is suitable for beginners who want to deepen their knowledge of digital marketing without having to pay a fee. You can even get a certificate that you can use when applying for jobs.

In this course, you will get material about digital marketing for beginners compiled directly by Google Trainer. Later you will get 26 modules which contain comprehensive videos about digital marketing with quizzes in them.Some of the material that you will get is about content marketing, business strategy, how to build insight and analysis, to email marketing tips and tricks.

5.     Content Marketing Courses – Coursera

Coursera is an online course that provides many marketing classes. The many classes on Coursera might make it difficult for you to choose. Especially for beginners who are just learning about internet marketing. There are two free class recommendations from Coursera that you can take part in, namely Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content and The Strategy of Content Marketing.

6.     Skillup Digital Marketing Strategy – Simplilearn

Skillup from Simplilearn offers courses in digital marketing specially made for beginner level. So that the material is easy to understand.

There are about 30 types of courses that you can take for free by viewing the recorded material. For those of you who have quite busy daily activities, this class can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Make sure you complete the existing material and take the certificate.

7.     The Complete Digital Marketing Course – Udemy

As the world’s largest digital skills course platform, Udemy has also provided programs for digital marketing classes.Course Digital marketing what Udemy offers includes market research,copywriting, marketing for online platforms, andGoogle Analytics.

You can listen to the class presented byRob Percival and Daragh Walsh anytime and anywhere.The material is delivered clearly and pleasantly. You will find it easier to learn about digital marketing directly from the experts. Take the class well and get the certificate.

8.     Google Analytics Individual Qualification – Google Skillshop

Google Analytics is used to analyze websites and mobile applications.

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From the existing data, you can find interesting facts regarding the effectiveness of digital marketing and customer behavior. In the Google Analytics Individual Qualification, you will study planning, implementation, data collection, administration, conversions, metrics and reports in Google Analytics.

9.     Semrush Academy

Semrush is one of the tools that is often used by digital marketers, especially in the fields of SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, and Market Research. Semrush Academy provides 34 free certificate courses on the topics of SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Sales, Pay-per-click (PPC), and careers in marketing.

10. How to Write Web Copy That Sells – Skillshare

Copywriting is a skill that must be possessed by people who work to create content. Starting from entrepreneurs, internet marketers, social media specialists, and others. Therefore Skillshare presents a free course about copywriting, namely How to Write Web Copy That Sells. In this course, you will be taught copywriting from basic to advanced.

11. Content Marketing Courses – Udemy

Udemy is a high-demand course. This platform presents free and paid courses that you can adjust to your needs. There are many free courses about internet marketing such as Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises. This course is suitable for those of you who work as marketing in a B2B company. Apart from that, there is also a copywriting course, namely Copywriting Quick Start: Top FREE Writing Tools & Hack.

12. Instagram Marketing Training Course – HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy presents Instagram Marketing Training Course for free. This course is suitable for those of you who want to learn Instagram marketing from basic to advanced. You will be taught how to use Instagram for business, get sales organically, and strategies for using Instagram. Interestingly this course is provided free of charge.

13. How to Use TikTok for Business – Udemy

Udemy also features a business TikTok course that you can access for free. The course entitled How to Use TikTok for Business will provide concrete learning to its users. Even though TikTok is relatively new compared to Instagram and Facebook, this platform is quite promising in the business world. In this course, you will learn a lot about marketing and what’s trending on social media.

14. Moz Academy

Want to attract customers to your online store or business website? Start honing your search engine optimization skills, one of which is through the Moz Academy.

Moz Academy focuses on providing digital marketing training on SEO topics. Good Keyword research, local seo, technical seo, and many more. You can also take part in free online SEO training through the 30 Days of SEO course.In short, Moz Academy is suitable for those of you who want to develop technical skills in the field of SEO.

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15. Hootsuite Academy

More specifically from SEMrush Academy,Hootsuite Academy provides special digital marketing training for social media marketing, such as social selling, social marketing, and advanced social advertising.

Through these various courses, you can improve your ability to use social media for company and business interests.If you want to enter the world of work as a social media specialist to a social media manager, consider this online learning platform.

16. Diploma in Social Media Strategy – Alison

The Diploma in Social Media Strategy held by Alison is a free course that you must take if you want to learn about internet marketing. Through this course you will accelerate your understanding of internet marketing, especially social media marketing strategy. This course not only prepares you to understand strategies in social media but also teaches you about community management and social media customer service.

17. Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate – Meta BluePrint

Facebook with its company, Metaverse, has indeed become a media that has acquired a lot of social media. From WhatsApp to Instagram. Even though the original Facebook users are only remaining users with the general range of adults, Facebook remains a medium for proper advertising.

Facebook Blueprint takes advantage of this. Opened a free learning course on Facebook Advertising and Planning, registered users reached over 6 million. After following the two competency courses, you will automatically receive a certificate of appreciation.

18. Social Media Analytics – Quintly

Are the uploads you make on social media only just a story? In every upload there must be likes, comments, and shares that you receive. From each like, comment, and share, you can analyze it for your social media development. You can get this material by taking Quintly’s free Social Media Analytics course.

19. Become a Social Media Marketer – LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers the Become a Social Media Marketer course for free. This course is suitable for those of you who want to learn how to be successful in social media marketing. This course will focus on three big platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Here you will also learn how to measure success on social media.

20. Social Media Quickstarter – Constant Contact

Have you ever imagined how to market a large platform? As large platforms likeFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest definitely have their own marketing strategy. You can learn this marketing strategy by taking a free courseSocial Media Quickstarter organized by Constant Contact. This course can be your choice if you don’t like video-based learning. Social Media Quickstarter features modules that you can read.

This is a review of free courses about internet marketing that you can follow. Skills about internet marketing are indeed important for anyone to have. Both as entrepreneurs, writers, and other jobs, especially for the people who have an online business wants to grow a large. You can learn internet marketing for free from the 20 lists above.

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