Top 6 Important Elements in Marketing, What Are They?

Building and developing your online business requires the right marketing strategy. Follow these 6 essential elements in marketing. Marketing elements need to be maximized to achieve optimal sales targets. This is something that almost all companies do.

Designing a super rare logo, email marketing automation and creating a user friendly website are not enough to build a strong brand. You also need a strong product, for sure.

You may be familiar with someone who is just starting a new business then launching a lot of new products, but ends up failing.. Why? This failure can be caused by the following factors:

  1. You don’t really understand market conditions.
  2. You don’t know who your customers are.
  3. Ineffective communication.
  4. Ineffective product marketing strategy.

It’s important to focus on fixing the failure considering the many parties involved and how much time and money you invest in a new product in your business. Of course, you don’t want to spend all your time and energy focusing on building a business brand that ends in vain.

To make a successful product, branding is not enough, but you also need the right product marketing strategy. One thing you should ensure before everything is done is whether your online business product meets market needs and is in the right market. If that has been done, then you can start now.

6 Important Elements of a Product Marketing Strategy

Following are the six essential elements to build and develop a Product Marketing Strategy:

1. Products

The first step to developing a Product Marketing Strategy is making sure you have a strong product. Apart from that, you also need to ensure that the product is made with target customers in mind and according to their needs. People tend not only to buy things, but they also want whatever they buy to solve their problems.

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So, before starting lets ask yourself whether your product can solve their problem?

Does your product make their life better or vice versa? How to? Answering these questions will help you generate ideas and define the right message for your great product marketing campaign.

The value placed on your product is more important than the product itself. In other words, you should focus on the benefits of your product instead of the features.

That means, when you are going to develop your product, you have to think about what benefits each of the proposed features will bring to your customers. Try to innovatively and creatively develop a product or at least one product that can solve common business challenges.

2. Customers

Customers and potential customers are also important elements in planning a marketing strategy. So, make sure you don’t miss them. Pay attention to this if you want a successful campaign.

Understand your customers well, then you got this. Characteristics, traits, behaviors and more are key to understanding customers.

Start by doing research and gathering any information about the intended target customers, such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Education
  • Profession
  • Hobby

Interviewing customers is one step you can take. Arrange phone calls or meetings with customers and ask about their preferences for your products.

Then, listen carefully to how they talk, use this as your reference! you may be able to plan your Product Marketing Strategy after this.

Take as much information from your customers as possible, because it will help you a lot in uncovering their preferences. After that, you can start building buyer personas on the products you are going to sell.

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Do you believe that the emotional connection between customers and brands is real? Based on research, 57% of consumers trust brands with which they have an emotional connection, regardless of the product.

Here’s what you need to know! How do you build that emotional connection? And what kind of emotional connection will you build with your customers?

You can get this through the message that you convey to the product that you will market. Still confused?

The point is this, to make your customers believe in the product that you have, you must first build the value of the product. The trick is through messages or narratives that connect customers with your brand.

So, apart from creating SEO-standard articles, you also need to think about your narrative, is it effective? Has the value you wanted been delivered?

Marketing Team

After all, you can’t work alone, you need a team to develop and promote your product to make it famous faster. However, having a solid team that is in line with your ideas is certainly not easy. You have to work hard in this regard. But when you find the right team, they can become the link between sales, marketing, methods and development.

To make it better, make a plan and roadmap. That will help them rhythmically and synergistically complete their jobs. A good planning system will keep each process running according to its schedule and ensure all team members are involved in the project.


You need to carry out promotions so that customers are willing to choose your product from the many similar products on the market. Promotion must be done to introduce your product, show its advantages, and influence people to buy your product.

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Don’t ever think your product will sell well without “Wow” news. Reporting that “Wow” must also be accompanied by strategic promotions, namely those that combine time and promotional value. Your message must have value and get to the customer at the right time! If you have this, you should be at the safe stage!


Whatever your product marketing strategy is and no matter how sure you are of success, don’t forget to think about the risk of failure.

The analysis element is a part you can’t miss, it’s very important! A successful product marketing strategy usually has a good analytical element. So that the evaluation of product marketing performance can be done more easily.

Don’t assume that if you have implemented a promotion plan and have marketed your product, then you are allowed to stop. Not yet! You still have the task of evaluating how successful your strategy is. You can use these results to design future strategies.

By studying these six marketing elements, you will be one step ahead to an effective and efficient online marketing strategy.

Conducting regular evaluations is one of the keys to achieving ideal marketing and business goals.

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