Top 7 Cheap Online Advertising That Can Bring Profits!

The development of the world of technology has affected the shift in marketing techniques from conventional to all-digital methods. Digital marketing techniques or digital marketing have now become a mainstay for all business companies, including the use of online advertising. There are many online advertisements available, you just have to choose what you need.

That’s very normal. When building a business, you want minimum capital but with maximum profit. But to be able to achieve it, you have to do a variety of effective and efficient ways to make your business progress. Advertising is one of them!

Well, online advertising can be your way to grow your business quickly in this digital world. To understand more about online advertising, let’s see the complete information here.

What is Online Advertising

Online advertising is a business marketing strategy that uses the internet as a means of delivering marketing messages to the target market. The form of online advertising can usually adjust to the needs and also the platform used. This makes online advertising a flexible marketing technique.

Online advertising can be a marketing strategy to get traffic to the right target market/offenders. In contrast to conventional marketing techniques that involve many parties, online advertising is a practical solution for business people because it saves resources. With one click, your ad will spread throughout the world and reach the target you want. It’s no wonder that currently, online advertising is considered far superior to conventional advertising.

7 Types of Online Advertising

Basically, online advertising is flexible, according to the needs and platforms used. This flexibility makes advertisements varied and has many types. You can adjust the ad type according to the needs of your target market. The following are 7 types of advertisements that can be an option for you, let’s look at the information.

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Since the invention of online search engines, anyone can find anything in cyberspace, from scientific journals to household appliances. The existence of online search engines such as Google has also changed consumer behavior, where consumers can now search for products on Google before buying them. Google calls this situation Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT).

According to Google, 84 percent of consumers search for products on Google before buying them. You can take advantage of this opportunity to show your online ads through search results. Actually, paid search can be found in all search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. However, we will only discuss paid search from Google because it has the most users.

Google provides paid search services through Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords. Google is re-branding Google AdWords to become Google Ads while maintaining existing features with new features such as Smart Campaign. A more complete explanation of the latest version of Google Ads will only be released around July 2018.

Google Ads offers ways to advertise via search results, display ads, YouTube ads, and ads on mobile apps.

Things to watch out for in paid search are keywords. You have to choose the right keywords, namely the keywords that are most searched for by potential customers to find your product.

When searching for a keyword related to a particular product, potential consumers can find search results with advertising labels like the one above. The search results with the advertising label are referred to as paid search.

Social Media Ads

The first type of online advertising is advertising using social media. Advertising through social media has broad settings. You can determine which platforms suit your target market and how the ads will work.

Social media is a strategic place in cyberspace to place your online ad. Based on APJII research, 87.13 percent of internet users in Southeast Asia access social media services.

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In addition, social media marketing such as placing online advertisements allows you to specifically target potential customers based on certain categories such as education level, age, location, interests, hobbies, gender and income.

An example of a setting in social media ads is when a business targets young people as the target market, then you can see which platforms are most frequently accessed by young people.

For example, implementing social media ads on TikTok, where the majority of users are young people. Utilizing short video visuals, your online advertising becomes more effective and efficient.

Some other popular social media that you can use are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

Email Marketing

The second type of online advertising is email marketing. Advertisements are sent via email messages to customers. The nature of this email marketing is not only targeting regular customers, but also potential customers.

3. Sponsorship Ads

Sponsorship ads are advertisements that involve third parties in their production. This online advertising technique is to hook influencers, celebrities, public figures and other third parties to increase public engagement with the online advertising content that has been created.

Human nature is usually happy to imitate something that is used/done by his idol or someone who he thinks has influence. This sponsorship online ad takes advantage of this nature.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective types of online advertising for any type of business, whether it’s a small company or a large company. The effectiveness of video marketing has been proven true by Vidyard, an international marketing company that focuses on online videos.

According to a 2017 Vinyard report, 92 percent of companies (both large and small) say that video is important for content marketing. In 2017, 41 percent of companies produced 11 to 50 video marketing videos. Still based on Vidyard’s report, 70 percent of companies also state that video marketing is more effective than other types of content to encourage consumers to convert.

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What kind of content can you use for video marketing? Here are some video marketing content that you can apply to your company: product videos, product demos, product explanation videos, social media videos, webinars, video tutorials, consumer videos, live streams, and vlogs.


In addition to providing paid search, Google also provides remarketing services. Google Adwords (now Google Ads) Remarketing shows online ads to people who have visited your website or app.

When these people leave your website or you, whether they buy or not buy your product, they will start seeing your advertisements while browsing other sites or watching videos on YouTube.

For example, after you visit the Niagahoster website, Niagahoster ads will appear in the search results or advertisements on the website that you visit afterwards. The main goal of remarketing is to maintain buying intent or the desire to buy from potential customers.

Display Ads

The next type of advertisement is display ads which will utilize visuals as displays on the website. Ads will be placed on third party websites, so that when users click on your ad, they will then be directed directly to your website.

It can be said that these display ads work like third-party billboards that direct customers to view the services/products that you advertise on the spot There are various ways to advertise online. You can use the five types of online advertising above to attract more consumers to buy your product.

You can use one or several types of advertising, which of course are tailored to your company’s funds. Apart from that, you also need to pay attention to the target audience you want to target because each advertising medium has its own audience characteristics.

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