What is Google Ads? Tips for Placing Ads on Google Ads!

Do you have a business, but have never advertised it through Google Ads? If not, it’s a shame….. you missed a lot of potential cash. You need to know, according to WebFX 80% of brands use Google Ads for business promotion. This is because advertising on Google makes brand promotion strategies more practical so that they can reach the right target market.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising service to promote your business or product/service in Google search results or on the websites of adsense publishers. Previously, this service was known as Google Adwords.

Using Google Ads, your ads can appear on Google Search, Maps, Google Play or other Google platforms. If your ad can dominate Google, it means that your ad has reached a very broad market. Yes, that’s because Google is the largest digital platform in the world today!

Not only showing ads in strategic places, the benefits of Google Ads are also to maximize promotions. Here are some of the advantages of placing ads on Google:

  • Advertisements have the potential to reach many people, considering that Google is the number one search engine that people use
  • Make it easy for businesses to do remarketing alias capture potential customers who have interacted with the brand
  • Targeting ads according to specific target audiences through easy ad settings
  • Free to set ads budget

How to advertise on Google has the potential to bring in more customers. The proof is, according to Webfx the average Google Ads conversion rate reaches 3.75%.

So, don’t want to be left behind! Let’s get ready for how to create ads on Google which we will discuss below and get ready for bigger profits.

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Tips for Placing Ads on Google Ads

So that the ads you post on Google give optimal results, here are some tips you can apply:

1. Use the Right Keywords

In order to place an ad on Google Ads, make sure you use the appropriate keywords. Avoid keywords that are too broad, so use the keywords that are most specific and relevant to your business. Also adjust these keywords to your target audience so that Google can place the most appropriate ads to generate prospects.

To find the most appropriate keywords, you need to do some research. Try using various keyword search tools to make it easier for you.

2. Adjust to Geographic Location

So that the ads on Google that you use for online business promotion are maximized, make sure to choose an appropriate geographic location. You can adjust the geographical location of the ad with your business address. You can also choose the location of the highest user engagement.

By optimizing your geographic location, you can reach more customers. This method is most effective if your business is in the hotel, tourism or property industry, such as houses and apartments.

3. Create Attractive Ad Text

The next tip for improving the performance of Google Ads is tweaking the ad text to attract the audience. For this reason, the copywriting techniques used must be topnotch. You could say this is the spearhead of advertising to achieve the goal.

How to make an attractive ad text?

Make sure you don’t overwhelm the text with product feature information. Show the benefits and usability of features in using your product. By knowing directly the benefits that can be obtained, the audience will be more interested in seeing the products offered, right?

However, keep in mind that ad text should not only be attractive to potential buyers but also Google. Therefore, you also have to apply SEO copywriting techniques so that Google is interested in your ad.

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How to make SEO Copywriting is not so difficult. You only need to research keywords and insert keywords in headlines, meta descriptions, and others.

4. Landing Page Optimization

When advertising online, you need to use a landing page to help your audience find your online store. If you want to generate sales from Google ads, you have to use a landing page.

Landing page will also help your users audience to find your social media, website, or online store on the marketplace.

This tips for advertising on Google Ads is actually still related to the previous one. Why is landing page optimization necessary?

Like a journey, a landing page is a terminal for the users audience to continue on to the next journey. They can shop, participate in an event or register as a member.

In essence, landing pages must be able to provide interesting information and lead the audience to be willing to click CTA. So, landing page optimization is related to how easily the information is understood by the audience.

Then, don’t forget to use attractive design and easy navigation, add image, use good color contrast, use bullet Points,  use CTAs like “Buy Now”, “Sign Up Now” or “Join Now”.

5. Create Mobile Friendly Ads

The next Tips for Advertising on Google Ads is to create mobile-friendly ads. Why? Because, in fact, there are more than 50 percent of website visitors who access it via mobile devices.

This means that your ad has the potential to be seen by more people if the design used is mobile friendly. Conversely, if the advertisement is difficult to see from a mobile device, the audience will also have difficulty getting the information properly.

For example, an ad that is too large will result in the description being truncated. It could also be that the design used makes the CTA button non-clickable for visitors from their mobile. If that happens, the ad becomes less attractive and cannot reach the desired audience.

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For that, you need to create ad designs that fit on desktop and mobile device. If necessary, make a special design for both. Plus, it will be even more complete if the landing page is also mobile friendly.

6. Determine the Right Bidding

Tips for placing ads on Google Ads that are no less important are determining bidding according to your needs and budget. Bidding is the price-per-click bidding for your ad.

When using Google Ads, you have to pay a fee for each ad that a visitor clicks on. So, you need to be very good at setting the right advertising budget and bidding. The strategy is to be able to display ads according to the target market using an efficient budget.

You can bid manually with your own strategy. However, to make it easier, take advantage of the Automated Bidding or Smart Bidding feature from Google Ads.

The above features will automatically reduce bidding if your cost per click (CPC) becomes too high. And vice versa.

7. Do Retargeting

Retargeting is giving back offers to visitors who are already interacting on your website, but have not made a purchase. Retargeting needs to be your promotion strategy because the chances of conversion can reach up to 60%.

This method is done by displaying ads again on various websites, social media, and applications used by these visitors.

These Google Adwords tips can take advantage of the Google Display Network which is able to reach 90 percent of internet users. To do this, you need to select the Display type when selecting the Google Ads ad type.

Those are some tips for advertising on Google Ads. We hope this helps!

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